Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

Since I voted for Dr. Jill Stein, I was ready to accept the fact that my vote might have resulted in Trump’s election. Of course, it has been proven that third-party votes did not make a significant difference in the outcome. If Trump’s presidency resulted in less war (especially with Russia) and defeating the TPP, then I was willing to take a risk for the other terrible things that he might do since we would have a chance to be able to block most of these initiatives. You must keep in mind that there is little that Trump might do that has not already been in place under our current leadership. Obama has deported over 2 million immigrants (more than any other president before him), murdered thousands of people overseas through drone strikes (90% were “not their intended targets”), supplied weapons to murderers such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Syrian terrorists, and brutally attacked whistle blowers and journalists that exposed his crimes. The problem is that most people on the left have been complacent in these crimes because a Democrat is in charge. The same will be true for Clinton, they will both put on a pretty face masking the true nature of their destructive neo-liberal policies. Now that neo-liberalism has been given an ugly face, we will all remain aware and ready to oppose it. So let’s stop passing blame and unite in our opposition to the policies of Trump and Pence.

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