The Future of CX: Bonus innovations

The second issue of TrendWatching Quarterly explores the perennial battle between saving customers’ time and seizing their attention. But you already knew that, right? 😉

As any future-focused professional will know, while the main article features 18 killer innovations to articulate the saving and the seizing, these examples only begin to paint the full picture.

So we’ve handpicked four more game changing examples to articulate each strand of customer experience even further. Enjoy:

First up, the savers.

Wearable device facilitates notetaking on the go

Crowdfunded by over 600% in February 2017, Senstone is a USD 145 wearable voice-recording device.

US-created Senstone allows wearers to capture their thoughts and ideas on the go, without having to pull out their cellphones, and also filters out background noise.

The accompanying app converts voice notes into text (in a variety of languages), is compatible with apps like Trello and Evernote, and enables users to send their notes to others.

Airline partners with on-demand helicopter service

April 2017 saw on-demand helicopter service Blade partner with Delta Air Lines to reduce overall travel time.

After a flight lands at New York City’s JFK airport, the airline’s Elite Service team transport passengers and their luggage directly to a helicopter.

The service then flies travelers to one Blade’s lounges in Manhattan in less than ten minutes.

Seizers, over to you.

Billboard transformed into a free make-up vending machine

March 2017 saw Sephora turn a billboard into a makeup vending machine.

Based in a Singapore shopping mall, passers-by could press a button to receive a free cream cleanser sample, along with a card allowing them to redeem another complimentary sample in a store nearby.

The campaign also allowed participants to undertake a personality quiz by scanning a QR code on the billboard, with skincare products recommended based on their test.

Bank executive takes live lie test to prove honesty

A bank’s campaign to reassure customers of its honesty saw OCBC‘s senior executive take a lie test in April 2017.

Head of Consumer Financial Services at the Singapore bank, Dennis Tan, took the test during a live Facebook broadcast.

Part of the bank’s ‘Stay True’ campaign, the initiative also saw the removal of potentially misleading fine print in OCBC’s ads.


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