The Spite of the Wind vol.1

Daily entry 023 / fiction

Jesus Christ, it was a long way down.

I don’t know how I’d survived being a builder for as long as I had, what with my crippling fear of heights. It’s something I get asked often, and usually by myself.

As far as I’m aware, it’s a fear I was born with. Some sick fate decreed that I, a man destined to be a builder, would shake like a maraca in the hands of an enthusiastic toddler every time I climbed higher than a few metres. So be it.

My time building and scaling tall things hadn’t lessened my fear, before you ask. I know people like to use the word ‘overcome’ when talking about what scares them, but in my mind that’s a myth. I’m still as terrified now as I was as a child.

And no, I still can’t explain why I chose the profession I did. It just happened, and I’ve stuck with it. I was raised to stand behind my choices, because my father was a stubborn bastard.

That choice has lead me here; perched on the edge of a section of scaffolding like some disabled bird, quaking in my steel-capped boots. I peered over the edge tentatively.

Jesus Christ, it was a long way down.

Here’s an observation: the wind is a spiteful, bitter thing. It has no sympathy for the fears of the living, but it can smell them. It seeks out fear like a shark hunts for blood.

It caught the scent of mine, and circled me like some nightmarish predator.

Then it pounced.

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