My 2 cents on iFix changing to weFix

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So today iFix revealed to over 500 000 customers that they’ll be changing their name from iFix to weFix.

“iFix was the obvious name when I started out in my dorm room a decade ago.” says Alex Fourie, founder and CEO of iFix. “I fixed things, mostly i-things.”

So all of us understand that branding helps prospects to identify with a product, and it helps a business to create loyalty amongst its customers.

So companies need to be very careful when they change their branding. I’m not talking about changing their logo or colour pallet, I’m talking about changing their name. It’s a big deal. Just imagine if Apple had to change their name to Pear or Banana, it just wouldn’t have the same ring to it.

The great thing about iFix’s current name was that it was catchy, easy to say, and short. You remembered it. You didn’t have to think about it, you didn’t wonder what they were fixing, and they immediately had superior branding, because you associated it with a well-known superior brand, Apple.

So why are they changing it?

In the press release they stated that that they expanded so much that it made sense to change it. And though the new name closely resembles their expansion, I still feel like they are deserting a part of themselves by doing so. And the scary thing is that people will most probably still refer to them as iFix, not weFix.

You can see that they’ve put a lot of thought into this change. And it is clear that they feel that their brand is strong enough to survive without the connotation to Apple’s ‘i’. Which I admire. It’s a bold step, and though I feel like it is rarely a good idea to change your name of your business, they’re taking a step in the right direction nonetheless. It’s just a really big step.

They have more than 30 stores across the country, employing more than 300 people. It will be a shock to all of us if the brand doesn’t survive this change.

The great thing is that they still stayed true to their routes with their nifty change. And it’s admirable. They now just have to ensure that they deliver on a service aspect, creating a superior brand without being dependent on the ‘i’.

Good luck weFix, WE wish you all the best on your new branding excursion, and WE support you all the way.

The only constant in this world, is change.

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