What makes us different from the rest?

About us, and why we do what we do

There’s 100’s even 100’s of companies like us that offers a wide range of services to make running your business or starting your business easier. But we’re different. We’re like your butler, your PA, your Mom and your partner. Here’s how:

We’re a one stop shop

We offer all the related business services required to start your own business, from designing your own logo, decorating your offices, and making sure you look the part too! This means that we save you a load of time and money by making sure that you get everything you need from one place. There’s no need for you to look for different companies to offer different services.

This also translates to the fact that we become your partner. We are focused on delivering your every need. So whenever a client needs something, irrespective of what it is, they can ask us, and we will do our best to find a solution. For example, if our client is starting their business in a different town, they can even ask us to find a local school for their kids that has preset requirements. And we’ll do it!

We are focused on delivering a service that solves every single problem.

We care (we really, really do)

We’re a small company that hand picks our clients, we hand pick them because we choose clients that we understand, and they understand us. We make sure that you get exactly what you want, with our expert twist on it to ensure that it delivers the necessary results. We build a realtionship with our clients.

We’ll always try to solve your problem. Always. Even if we have to find someone else to do it.

We’re brutally honest

If you have a shit idea, we’re going to tell you. If you want to make use of our Image consultancy service to give all of your employees a makeover at the cost of R 30 000. We’ll tell you it’s a bad idea, and that you have to establish your business brand first. We’re not here to make a quick buck, we’re here to help you grow into a well established business.

We’re experts at finding experts

If there’s something you need and we can’t help you with it, we’ll be sure to find someone for you that does.

We love business

We’re just as excited about your venture as you, and we want to do everything we can to help you achieve your goals. We really do. It excites us to see our clients grow and flourish, and to see them evolve day by day into the vision the owner has.

We love business, and we try our best to help our clients reach their visions and goals. We are dynamic and we adapt to change as quickly as we can. We ensure that we are always at the front, assisting those around us.

For more information on the service we offer, visit our website at: http://tweek.co.za/

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