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The sky is falling, it is, it is!!!!! Pretty funny how concerned the liberals get over anything Trump does that Hillary has been doing forever and they could care less about Hillary getting away with murder. Trump however, if he ties his shoes wrong, or blinks the wrong way, or violates this or that they are all over it, complaining, shedding tears, the worlds coming to an end because our corrupt lying Hillary lost the election because she is such an upstanding person. She was given the questions ahead of time before the debates, she cheated, she still lost. She made it so Bernie Sanders had to step down because she stabbed him in the back. She had every media agency except FOX reporting bias everything against Trump in her favor, She had so many corrupt parties and people and agencies you name it, it was so corrupt on Hillary’s side yet this total loser corrupt lying scum bag named Clinton, SHE LOST The ELECTION BECAUSE SHE IS A PIECE OF SHIT. It’s ok for a democrat to do everything possibly wrong and illegal as SOS, that’s ok. What hypocrites liberals are.

I for myself am just happy she lost. It’s a wonderful next four years without shit running the country.

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