Thanks, Men.

What is means to be a real man.

Quick shout out to all the men in my life, and elsewhere, who joined the Women’s March, either in Washington, another city, or even at home. Nothing is a greater representation of your true integrity as real men, and true intelligence as human beings. I thank you ❤

I still have a couple anti-feminists in my life, and I just hope that you come back to the 21st century and realize that for millions of years, women have been oppressed in every way imaginable for being the so-called “weaker gender.” I know your problem is not with gender equality, but with “radical feminists,” but at least try to understand where they come from. In today’s world, women are molested in crowds, banned from getting driver’s licenses, married at the age of 12, paid less than men for the same job, raped in the military (while protecting our lives!), honor-killed, and yet they constantly struggle to “prove their worth” in a male-dominated world. Here are more facts and figures.

So before you start complaining, try to understand that you look like a wuss trying to defend your already-dominated gender against one that cannot even lawfully make decisions about their own bodies. Don’t be a wuss. If the word feminism bothers you, go with a different word. But without gender equality, our world is doomed. If you have a mother sitting at home, a sister getting married, a wife taking care of your child, a maid cooking your dinner — remember that each of them could probably be doing something else, something better, but they aren’t, maybe because it really is their own choice (which, of course, I respect), but it’s most likely because society makes it hard for women to even tap into any potential they may have to do anything else.

From a personal experience, I have had to dumb myself down for men in the past. The idea of women doing better is still unacceptable to many men (thankfully, these are men who don’t personally matter or me or aren’t related to me in any way) but nevertheless, being “smart”, whatever that means, or having an opinion, especially against men who have none, has gotten me into embarrassing troubles (embarrassing for the men, not me.)

Looking at the millions of men at the Women’s March, advocating for gender equality, with their male children, made me realize that I was being stupid. There are men who are feminists. Who believe in political, social, economical, and cultural equality amongst all genders. President Obama is one. Joe Biden is one. Justin Trudeau is one. Justin Timberlake is one. Robert Downey Jr. is one. The love of my life is one. My professors are. Shah Rukh Khan is. They have a dictionary at home, they can read, and so they know that “feminism” means equality of opportunities for men and women. And so to say say that you’re not a feminist, makes you dumb and ignorant — which is not an opinion, but a fact. And I know that if a guy said that, it would sound less badgering.

I urge you all to find your inner intellectual and fight for women’s rights. Not for your mother and your sister and your wife — but for yourself, for desperate changes in economies and societies around the world, and for the kind of world you want your own children to grow up in.

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