love too freakin get On Line

one of the most fun Things about posting is. okay hold on let me provide clarifying exposition. so when your like me You just click around online saying whatever because your not Really sure what youre “FOllowers” want from you. Mostly I just post absurd things, usually they’re funny to me at least. so thats the game-planne yknow just getting out there Saying the shit getting “into it” doing whatever,

One of the most fun tHings about Posting is when you’re just doing that just hooting and hollering it up online saying whatever you feel like — example “in 2019 the president will force prospective healthcare applicants to swear that they do not believe a gf is a wife before being allowed to have universal healthcare” — and some one who Does not even follow on you quote tweats you

and theyre like ‘well actually, for one , they would never do that:”

“youre like okay sure whatever”

“Just saying that a gf isn’t a wife wouldn’t be enough for bureaucratic record keeping premises, you understand. They’d need a written and signed statement disavowing the aforementioned belief, and they’d PROBABLY (and this is just based off of what’s most likely) do some sort of background check (1/???)”

[at this point you’re like ok what why comb owen dude just horsin around no need to quote tweet me ]

“to ensure that you’d never married a GF, because if you did that’d show that your gf was a wife and then you’d obviously be, from a legal standpoint, operating from the belief that a GF was a Wife and under section 8.1 of the Gentleman’s Real Big Time Naval Charter pursuant to Sea Law of 1938…”

[so now if youre me youre just like this freakin guy am i right doing the compu-equivalent of nodding politely (cyber-nodding.) and ignroring the thread]

“And of course there’d be a Government Wife Bureau and a Federal GF Accounting Agency, as provided under this obscure charter of Department of Energy provisions…”

[dude that doesnt even make sense]

“Under the definition espoused in the Magna Carta, and I quote ‘a Wyffe Is no matter Of Common law Arrangement but rather a Sacrament of the Churche’ which if applied to present-day legal precedent means that the government has a very tenuous judicial purview to establish the status of Wifehood and it falls to the church which is another issue entirely…”

[what da fuck !]

“Further more, if I might cite your original text for a moment, you said something called ‘grean bean and ugry mushroom’ would be involved in the application process; I’ve consulted and cross checked multiple sources and neither of those things are real. So by your own logic the argument you’ve established..”

[ey look at this guy thinks hes some kinda lawyer!! ah! But in all seriousness *i get serious* i tire Of youre shit.]

“(3849602/???) so if we look back at paragraph 5.3 of my opening statements we see that your argument is on shaky legal ground, and semantically it doesn’t fare much better, being composed mostly of untruths and illogical non-sequitur gibberish and that’s why you are incorrect when you state that ‘ Presadent Grean Gourila would make a GF illegal to be a wife’. In fact I’m beginning to suspect you don’t even think a gorilla could be president, which as you can see on my three different websites that I own and operate, has both legal precedent and the chance, however slim it may be, for that beautiful dream to cross from the hopes and aspirations of the subconscious to the cold and desperate real world which is so lacking in the wonder of A Genius Primate becoming an elected leader…”

[woah your a gorilla guy too? nice. ape President would shred ass]

“In closing I believe that your premise was extremely flawed, and hopeless from the start.”

[god dam it. not this boring shit again. bring back Ape President dude.”]

“and That is why I can’t in good faith support your argument that the president will institute universal healthcare if people swear that a GF is not a wife. It’s just not a practical idea in execution and at the speed of modern bureaucracy we’d almost never — “

[shut Da fuck up

im Sick of youre shit. its a joke please font speak to me of this. thank’s. also a gf could be a wife. its not agains’t the law . oh man do you know how much it wouldrule if they made a capuchin monkey or a gibbon or some other small to mid size primate the prime minister of something !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell fuckign yeah


tweat faver. mr Svefn-g- Englar aka JustANormalGuy31 aka mr $100 Dollar’s (an amount of money which would extremely rule to have)


  • click around online


  • say to me ‘comb owen dude you got so many thinkpieces let me have one’
  • quote tweet a dumb joke i make and explain it’s premise to me, your followers, or anyone why it isn’t logical or why it’s unrealistic. I fucking know. I’m sure whoever you’re quote tweeting it for knows. Most people who have developed object permanence know that it isn’t meant to be engaged with as a serious thought. And as for babies…..buddy, they’re famed for not being big fans of absurd writing. They hate it. So now you got a pissed off baby on your hands.
  • do not tell me that you made your toddler angry by trying to explain the failed logic in my writing. not my prob champ.
  • Please just dont argue with me about something as dumb as a twitter joke
  • No angry baby’s dude. for real. I dont wanna deal with that. You made him mad,
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