Side Project #1

This year, myself and my partner started up a side project involved creating a brand and product that was easy to maintain with the best output possible.

Lines Artwork is a small brand created with the aim to produce great artworks that are current, modern and unique.

Logo Development

We developed the brand whilst currently living and working full-time in London’s design industry. Aside from our daily routines, the brand has become away of us expressing beyond the 9–5. Living in London. The artworks we create are inspired by the iconic architecture that has long been a credit to the city of London. As creatives we notice more than just visual, we notice the lines and junctions that make a building unique and beautiful, from this thinking all of our artworks are designed.

The Shard artwork

The bold colours of our prints are used to express the strong white silhouettes of each building and draw attention to the architectural form.

All of our artworks are packaged up in a simple and affordable product that others will hopefully enjoy as much as we do!

Later this year we plan to branch out further to other cities and discover new architecture.

If you would like to know more, all of our artworks are currently sold on