Technology is our future children’s chemistry set

We live in a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Technology are the devils, slowly bringing the world to a gradual end. Everyone worried that the world will be run by corporate robots, looming over the unfortunate few.

A small part of this is correct, automation is about to takeover a lot of industries in the UK and around the world. Although, I believe that there is a strong difference between automation and AI:

Automation is about taking a computer and inputing data that will allow it to make informed decisions based on a pre-calculated set of scenarios.

Artificial Intelligence (note the keyword intelligence) is about taking a computer and allowing it to learn for itself, thus make its own mistakes to create data that results in a decision, like humans.

Now, if we can take AI and combine it with human intelligence; both learning from each other and making joint decisions, we should have most advanced and intelligent workforces we have ever witnessed.

Forget Google, Alexa, Cortana and Siri. True Artificial Intelligence hasn’t arrived yet.

Technology is still in it’s early stages and is progressing continuously. The latest gadget today, will be the oldest gadget tomorrow. We truly live in great technological era that can be easily taken for granted.

Today we seem to miss the opportunity to learn, hoping that our nostalgic past will come back around again; that we will be using Nokia’s and listening to Record players. It doesn’t matter what generation you are, or what you may have had in your past. There is no excuse not to learn new technologies, that could potentially be your future children’s nostalgic past.

Todays society is over reliant on technology and we expect it to be a service, always wanting more but never too much…

“To be part of the future, you have to create it. Otherwise prepare to be automated! ”

Technology is our future children’s chemistry set. Our children should have EVERY opportunity to learn tech to the point where we can hand a child a main frame and they will be able to create computers and cameras, similar to what we are using in todays age…

As a Designer currently working in London, and I strongly believe that we should embrace new tech and push it forward as the design industry has the capability to be the trend setters for industries and governments.

Its no longer such a mammoth task to learn something new- just ask more questions. We no longer have to go the libraries, pick up a paper or read an instruction book. You can find a solution to pretty much anything in 5 mins due to search engines like Google.

We as a society, need to make sure we do everything in our power to ensure our future children get all the tools needed to advance further than we ever have, and make their chemistry set.