When can I get off the Trump twister ride?

I think I’m most upset about today’s news because people are talking about it now like it matters if someone is trans or not. IT DOESN’T, which I know you know. Everyone knows this it seems, even Trump. These are HIS words on gays in the military in 1999 for the magazine The Advocate. And don’t even try to tell me this isn’t all about politics. But who suffers? Trans kids trying to figure things out, Trans adults trying to make their way and be accepted for who they are, LGBT families who have to question everything all the time with this administration. It’s exhausting. HE IS exhausting. I’m tired of this Trump roller coster ride.

Do you think gay people should be allowed to serve in the military?
TRUMP: Yes, if a gay person can be a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher or take another position of responsibility, why can’t they serve this country in the military? “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has clearly failed. Gay people serve effectively in the military in a number of European countries. There is no reason why they can’t serve in the United States. Frankly, the state of our military is a wreck. Military pay is a joke, military benefits are ridiculous, and we can’t attract the kind of quality people we need to have an effective fighting force. The Pentagon is wasting millions on weapons they don’t need instead of focusing on the military needs in the changing world situation. The truth is, our nation defense is in the weakest state since Pearl Harbor. I favor a total reorganization of all branches of our military, and I would address the gay question more forthrightly within that reorganization
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