Birthday Treat
It feels so sad thinking that now your b’day will come after one complete year. Birthday is a day which fills you with lot of excitement,surprise and with a new zeal. Its a day that everyone behaves like a child. Just as a child waits for gifts ,chocolates ,cakes ,call from friends.We all also behave the same way, same was the situation with me on my birthday. Just like a child I was dreaming and counting how many gifts will i get!
So finally on my day my better half baked a cake for me.That was just a sweet gesture which cannot be expressed by words.Just because I was down with fever and I could not munch on outside stuff.He baked on his own just for me.The day started with a surprise in a room decorated with flowers,balloons ,Cake ,Chocolates and teddy bear.What more a girl can ask for it was a filmy b’day for her.Draped in a gown the b’day girl just blowing her birthday candle and making a b’day wish just to be with him forever.
The day was surprised by two logistics guy asking Sakshi Agarwal?? Everytime just like child i was like “kisne bheja hoga”. It was from my friends and my lovely sister. The home was decorated with flowers sent by my friends. A lot of teddies which I received the entire day. In short it was teddy day for me.I did something different from all my rest of birthdays ie. monitored my fever. hahah!I know its funny.
This is the day you realize how much you are loved that is when everyone around the globe just call you to say happy birthday!!! kehte hai ye duniya bahut choti hai. Thanks to these social network sites who make it more special for you by connecting you more!
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