Habit is a practice which we inculcate in our daily life. Since our childhood we are taught that we should inculcate good habits. Early to bed Early to rise makes the man healthy wealthy and wise.We draft our timetable with respect to our commitments. Usually a sleep of 8 hours is declared as good sleep. But we always tend for some more.Eating habits are very important. Last month I had various stomach issues and visited the doctor , she inquired about my daily routine and she found it was very uneven and that was the root cause for the problems.Hence one should eat and sleep properly.
Habit of using phone ? We cannot imagine our life without it.How many of you use phone as soon as you open your eyes? I guess the answer will be most of them .With this phone comes one more habit. If you message someone good morning for seven days it becomes the habit for the sender and receiver. I have heard stories when people say “ tumhe wish kiye bina lagta rehta hai kch to missing hai” . Good morning becomes a habit.One fine day when the things end , with that good morning also ends and morning becomes dull.Then you regret why i started this good morning?How easily we make and adapt habits
I guess sometimes some habit just come and go.Texting ,calling.missing someone becomes your habit. We intentionally donot make a habit but this is what we are taught that what we practice becomes our habit. These days smoking and drinking has also become a habit but to spell in terms of socialization it was my friend’s bday party, it was anniversay , it was weekend, it was promotion and so on but we donot realise these events are forming a habit in you.
We easily inculcate habits but to change a habit is a task. Changes are always difficult to accept. So adopt a habit which makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. Filter our things and adopt the best.
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