Want to get married!! This is for you…

After an age everyone feels that they should settle down. Its altogether a different phase of life. Probably this one is for the arrange marriage . You meet lot of people ,lot of families ,everytime you dress properly and present yourself.We face the same questions everytime “Tell me something about yourself”. Just fifteen -twenty minutes and we want to know everything about each other. Isn’t it strange? but still on that fifteen minutes session we decide our future. Then begins the courtship period in which you feel you have known quite a lot about each other . Do you guys really feel it happens so?
In that courtship period we exchange thoughts ,ideas and our future dreams.We try to know each other’s family. We convince each other with several adjectives ie. we are traditional or modern, customs ,habits. We tell each other i like this ,i like that, its my habit .We share our thoughts but that in any way doesn’t mean we have accepted it. Because just as our body has a temperature. If it falls or increase we are affected so in the same way we dont know to what extent you are following your habit and how much your partner will be affected.Difference of opinion always come in to the picture as the upbringing is in different atmosphere , for you some things are right but for your partner they are wrong. So it becomes difficult to explain why you are emphasizing on it.People often ask have you guys said each other “I Love you”. Its not a task and its not the very immediate step. I believe its a gradual and never ending process which fluctuates every time . But trust me its easy to say but its difficult to prove.
You guys know what if you go by all sentences there is one thing which is important and that is first impression. If you go to meet some one for fifteen minutes its not that you know him completely but its the first impression.If you get a good impression about all things you are ready to accept it which in turn develops respect and in that respect you can do many things. In short to get married one should be physically, mentally ,emotionally and even psychologically strong. Because its not an easy job.You always want to give your partner the best. In this run you forget to give the best to you. Don’t forget you are important,In this marriage its not only your partner but you are equally there , Love is not the backbone of marriage but ideally its how strong and mature you are to handle things.
To end you can say “What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much ,how compatible you are ,but how you deal with incompatability”
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