Curious case of picture sizes

My frequent trips has one persistent problem. After every trip, I have to collect all bills and send it for reimbursement. Initially I started with collecting them in my bag, clicking pics of them at the end of the trip, and then creating an excel sheet to show the calculations.

With time, I improved on the process and made quite easy to submit. It worked well; till today. I got a call today from my accounts team telling me about an interesting problem they had.

You see, I was keeping all my bills as soft copies ( basically pics from my phone ) on a cloud drive and sharing the link with them. So my email would just have the excel sheet for calculation reference and all bills would be in the cloud drive. That kept my email light weight and easy. So size of the bill pics never mattered.

The problem my accounts’ colleague faced was that he had to send the stuff to my client as an email attachment. With each pic roughly 2 MB, the size of the attachment would easily reach 100 MB – which can’t be sent.

So what my colleague was doing so far, was to download each pic, put it in a word doc and then somehow scale down the clarity of the pic and export to PDF. And he would do that for every single pic. I have easily around 50 pics in every assignment. Poor guy ! He never told me about this problem.

So the problem was the size of the pic. Issue is iPhone camera doesn’t allow you to control the resolution of the pic. Which meant only way to reduce the pic size was by some post-processing. I checked and found some apps to do that. But that is still a pain. All I was doing was taking his work and doing it myself. Definitely not a good solution.

Eureka moment

It might sound like a trivial problem to worry about but doing this for every bill pic I click, easily touching 100 bills for a longer assignment, is too much of a waste of time for me.

And then the eureka moment came… :p

I realised some pics were of much smaller sizes ( < 100 Kb ). That was because they were screenshots of email receipts. So if screenshots are of such small size then I could just click any pic like before, open it and take a screenshot of the pic. The screenshot would be the same pic but 1/50 the original size. 🙂

Such a relief !



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