So I read this awesome post today, that I just can’t help but share it with you guys.

I know many of you might be lazy to click the above link, read and come back. So I pasted the article here as screenshots. :)

We spend a lot of our time thinking of our past or planning for our future. But in the process, we forget that – this time we have right now; this time, when you are reading this – is never gonna come again.

Do this – take a deep breath. Observe the air flow in and out. This very moment that just happened, is never going to come back. It is gone forever.

Time is our most precious commodity. I remember reading somewhere :

It’s not that we have less time, it’s that we waste a lot of it.

So grab this moment right now and make it yours. Make the most of it. Make it up with that long lost friend of yours. Start working on your wish list. Live the life you want to. Do stuff you long to do. Don’t keep your dreams for later, start working on them.

Live in the now. Don’t think. Just start.



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