Is Multilevel Marketing Worth The Time?

I’ve been approached by different people I know who partake in a variety of pyramid schemes Also known as multilevel marketing, and I’m not against it at all. I’m actually trying to find one that would be effective and profitable for my lifestyle. However, I found a couple things in common with them all… they all want you to read a book, you have to go to the same meeting over and over every week, and you have to somehow convince people to join under you to make any real money, and one scheme always has something bad to say about the next scheme lol! … Also most of the people at the top have been wealthy before the scheme…

The latest one I almost joined was created by a team of 4 millionaires lol!

Me being a 6'1 bearded black man… do I look like I can convince somebody to give me a large sum of money to join my unsuccessful business venture?

Can someone just present to me a way to sell useful products that I can make good money off of without waiting on the person under me to make a sell. or get 6 people under them lol! I don’t feel like it’s your own business if you’re helping someone else get rich. Plus im lazy…. and I was not blessed with the gift of gab. Man I’ve had shy people tryna put me on schemes lol… like you I’ve never heard you speak a day in my life… now you tryna sell 😂

I want in but…

I need to see residual checks and income… I’m influenced by proof, not motivational speakers and books. Plus my schedule won’t allow me to attend repetitive meetings… show me the blueprint and let me go…I am very open minded when it comes to making money but let’s be realistic and not waste each other’s time.