Portrait XO — Creative technologies as a source of inspiration and a tool for self-discovery.

The word metaverse is not a new word. Actually, we’ve been living in a kind of metaverse for a while now, and those metaverses are called AOL, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Portrait XO is a multimodal audiovisual artist who doesn’t want to commit herself, either to a single profession or to an art discipline. For the release of her debut AI album ‘Wire’, the artist is collaborating with Twelve x Twelve. In addition to the album, several NFTs and an actual vinyl will be released on the Twelve x Twelve marketplace. Self-confident, goal-oriented and self-reflective, she is making a name for herself in web3 — and the music world. She was a resident at Factory Berlin X Sonar+D, is a regular guest at major trend-setting festivals such as Sonar Festival, Ars Electronica, Amsterdam Dance Event, Reeperbahn festival, and has been awarded several times by the Association of Independent Musicians. Thus, the musician belongs to a new generation of cultural workers who are already setting standards for the upcoming decade.

Portrait XO, picture by Sarah Morell

She learned to build her own 3D metaverse website on newart.city and 3D art with the help of YouTube, developed her hybrid AI avatar ‘Nomeee’ and started composing with AI models in collaboration with CJ Carr (½ of Dadabots):

“When I started working with artificial intelligence, a whole new way of working opened up to me. I think it’s really hard to work with creative AI and then not explore all the other areas where you can use AI as a tool for multimodal creatively.”

Since then, Portrait XO has expanded her passion in technology. Fascinated by the seemingly endless possibilities of AI tools, she delves deeper and deeper. Obsessed with the urge to explore, she spends days in front of her computer screen, wanting to understand and learn, to evolve, to sharpen and expand her artistic practice. This approach to new media and web3 tools allows the musician to reinvent herself, and unleashes a creative phase without the pressure of having to constantly produce music. She can now express herself visually, giving expression to her complex personality in the digital space.

By working with the open source community, she discovers the possibility of collaboration and collective work, which gives the artist a foothold in the competition-driven art and music industry. The open source culture of creative coding has had a healing and at the same time overwhelming effect on her. A new way of working opens up. This experience strengthens her belief in the democratization of creative AI tools.

“I’m trying to show the possibilities and limitations of technology, which up until recently AI has been a black box with algorithms hidden by the corporate world. Until recently, there were just companies doing a lot of back-end stuff that we didn’t know what was happening inside. I don’t have all the answers because it’s impossible to know everything about it. Unpredictable nature of the AI models I’ve used are too complex to fully understand what’s happening.”

This visibility also takes the fear out of technology and sparks playful curiosity. But that doesn’t mean Portrait XO isn’t critical about the subject:

“If we actually counted how many times we touch our phone during the day, I’m pretty sure we touch our phone more often than animals, people, or plants. So we should all be a bit critical when it comes to how we use technological tools and processes and the impact they have on ourselves, society, the environment, and so on.”

Having a richer dialogue from the beginning might help us think differently and try not to repeat certain systemic problems, systemic patterns, and bias. Life has become more complex… Portrait XO recognizes and accepts this complexity and is using that to make new perspectives heard.

“Encounters with technology continue to evoke and trigger new emotions. Emotions we have never felt before. And yes, it is, my form of emotional catharsis, just trying to do my best to translate what life feels like, how it’s happening right now, and try to find meaning in-between the chaos. Where is the humanity between art and technology? Music to me is a binding ingredient like glue that helps me express what I can through words or images, but only felt through sound.”

Portrait XO, debut AI album WIRE



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