My Summer Internship at Twelve Consulting Group

Alec Storms — Advisory Services Consultant Intern

Kelly, me, Megan and Jordan right before the Torchlight 5k


I started law school at the University of Minnesota with the intention of following my oldest brother’s footsteps as a litigator. As school moved along, I realized that I did not enjoy litigation. After encouragement from a professor, I decided to apply to the MBA program at the Carlson School of Management. Early on in the school year, Josh King came to campus and spoke as an alum in the consulting field about his experience at Twelve Consulting Group. Josh spoke a lot about culture and building something great. I vividly remember sitting in the room enamored with what Josh was saying.

Fast forward a couple of months, and Twelve hosted a event at Carlson that I immediately signed up for. We were tasked with the opportunity to use Anaplan and scale a startup company via various metrics that Liz built as a part of the model. At this event, I had an opportunity to interact with Josh and Liz. I presented and “pitched” our company structure to the Twelve team and Todd Hallett from Anaplan. was an incredible event that solidified my already strong interest in Twelve. I was fortunate to get an interview, and Josh recalled my presentation from Twelve.Edu and gave me an offer to come on as an Advisory Services Consultant Intern.

The Work

Throughout my internship, I have had the privilege to work hand in hand with Kelly Phillips to form Twelve Advisory Services. Kelly and I were hired the same day and had to get the ball rolling immediately. I am the first Twelve Consultant Intern, a title I hold dear. I execute my role flawlessly by always ensuring that the La Croix is stocked in the fridge and cleaning up messes after we have one of our many catered lunches. My slightly more important work consists of building out a framework for Advisory Services. Since the Advisory Services side of Twelve is brand new, all collateral and material that we use has been developed by either Kelly or me.

Within the first month, Kelly and I were tasked to work with Twelve’s clients to understand how Advisory Services could help benefit their company. The most valuable part about this experience is, as a JD/MBA student, I don’t have experience beyond internships in college and clerkships at law firms. Already with this internship I have been faced with in-person meetings where I am interacting with executives that are leading multi-billion dollar corporations.

Hannah, Austin, Yusef, Nick and me at an A12 Alchemy Event

The Team

Twelve’s team is something that is second to none. When talking with Josh he told me that Twelve hires based on culture. This is exhibited every day, everyone is genuinely happy to be a part of the team and the culture. Seldom do you have to grab lunch alone. Every day, someone posts on Slack (Austin) when they intend to go to lunch and asks if others would like to join. This shows the level of inclusiveness that we have as a company.

One of my favorite days of the summer came when we put together a kickball team for Playworks. This was early into my internship and before I developed strong relationships with the team. We had a long and grueling day and won our first 6 games. Our final game was the championship, and competitive spirits were high. Megan, in particular, ensured that we didn’t walk out to our positions but jogged out. Unfortunately, we lost the championship game, but we came away a stronger team with an unforgettable memory. It was an amazing time on the field, demonstrating our core values of well-being, collaboration, excellence and personal growth, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Our Playworks Kickball team

What I Learned

I am thrilled that I have had the opportunity to work closely with Kelly, Josh and the rest of the team throughout my internship. I have been able to observe client interactions and have learned how to develop and nurture relationships. Josh and Kelly’s leadership styles are different, but are incredibly successful and resonate well with me. I learned that there is not just one way to lead people, rather it is about how to inspire people to drive towards solutions.

Furthermore, this opportunity allowed us to start something from scratch. Prior to me joining Twelve, there was no Advisory Services practice. I had the privilege to work alongside Kelly to build it, and we continue to get pulled into more opportunities every day. There are few chances where someone has the opportunity to start from scratch and by the end, demonstrate a strong business impact that far exceeded expectations.

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