Twelve Culture Series: How Twelve takes Personal Growth to the Next Level

by Haley Tansom

Twelve Rockstar— Haley Tansom

Today’s blog is about Twelve’s core value around Personal Growth — “Empower people to achieve their aspirations”.

As a kid, my favorite activities were doing speed multiplication tests and solving Sudoku puzzles (unfortunately yes, I am serious). My slick math brain and logical thinking enabled me to repeatedly solve these numbers games. I studied math and finance in college and before I knew it I was in the big girl world. As the problems I was solving grew far more complex than multiplication tests and Sudoku, I too needed to grow. After a few years in Corporate America, I ventured down a new path by accepting a model-building role at Twelve Consulting Group.

I fired up my new laptop and there it was, the key to push my personal growth into high gear — Twelve’s Onboarding and Enablement process in Anaplan. With one click, I was brought to a compilation of videos, documents, and training explaining how to use Anaplan, and more importantly why Anaplan was created and how it adds tremendous value to Twelve’s customers. While my number-based mind would indeed benefit me in this new role, I was finally empowered with a view of the big picture and the tools and process I needed to grow.

I helped recreate the internal Twelve enablement for our customers as well — this exists as a live Anaplan model allowing the enablement to evolve as Anaplan grows and allows the user to experience Anaplan while being trained on it. Watching our customers receive the same empowerment to grow from the enablement as I did motivates me to continually enhance the tool.

My time at Twelve has pushed me far beyond solving numbers problems. I have built models in Anaplan, lead meetings, presented my ideas, and written this (incredible) blog. I am ecstatic to say I am off to a client in Australia this week to further grow my confidence and leadership skills. Joining Twelve has been the biggest step I have ever taken in my personal growth, and I am eager to continue growing until I am, as Josh King would say, “dangerous”.

Look for upcoming culture series blog posts championed by Chief Culture Officer, Megan Henderson.

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