What it means to be the Chief Culture Officer at Twelve — Empowering Leaders

Two years ago I became the 2nd employee hired at Twelve Consulting Group. I made the transition from a huge healthcare company to a company of 3 people. Everyone asked me if I was worried about job stability, and as much as I thought I should be worried about it I wasn’t. I was coming to Twelve to be a “Model Builder”, but I hardly knew what that meant. I was coming to Twelve because I knew the founder Jill King from previous work experience, and I trusted her when she said that we could make Twelve anything we wanted it to be and that it wasn’t going to be like all of the rest of the Consulting companies out there, and she stuck to her word! Within weeks, I found myself part of the “C-Suite”, Megan Henderson, Chief Culture Officer (CCO) of Twelve Consulting Group (I don’t need to mention that we got to pick our own titles do I??).

As the CCO, I get to help directly impact the lives of each and every employee in the company and the lives of many of our clients too. I get to help build and launch programs that differentiate Twelve from the rest, I will give you a little flavor for a few of my favorites….

One of the very first things that I helped launch is our “Empowering Leaders Program”. The program was designed to give back to the leaders of the future in the communities across the country that our clients reside in. Upon the completion of projects that meet program requirements, our clients are given the opportunity to select a school to receive a $1000 donation from Twelve to be used to increase the technology resources available to students at the school. I am the person who gets to call the principals at the schools that were selected, and it is so much fun!!! Each time I talk to a principal they are shocked to hear that they are receiving the donation, and always think that there has to be some sort of a catch, but the only “catch” is that they have to spend the money on technology. Since the program launched in 2014, we have made 10 donations to schools across the United States, and we expect that number to double in 2016. We have helped schools in 5 states purchase items such as IPADS, Apple TV’s, 3D printers, computers, and more.

Another program that we had a lot of fun with was Twelve Gives Twelve. Each employee was given $12 to spend however they desired to make someone’s day better. Since we have employees in 5 states, we were able to impact people across the U.S. A few examples include, purchasing coffee for the people at Starbucks, giving water to homeless on the streets and paying for a couple loads of laundry at the laundry mat.

Most recently, we partnered with an organization called 363 Days during National Volunteer Week to make 1,000 sandwiches for the homeless community in Minneapolis. Our employees had a great time socializing while making an impact in our local community, as the sandwiches were distributed hours after we made them.

While I LOVE working with our clients and teaching them all about Anaplan, I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with all of our employees and clients to make them smile and make a difference in the lives of people all across the US. These things are important to me personally, and it is clear that they are a huge priority for Twelve too!

Over the next couple of weeks Megan will spotlight Twelve team members and their perspective on our unique company culture. #twelveculture

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