Twentie f*$#ing what?

You halfwit morons you spelled twenty-four wrong!
Correct, we couldn’t claim twenty-four and we’re terribly dyslectic. But enough about the name, what on god’s green earth is Twentie Four?
Well let us explain:

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges on our planet. At first politicians and organisations were trying to find solution. Today Elon Musk, with his company Tesla Motors, produces electric vehicles to slowly eliminate our dependancy on fossil fuels.

These next generation businessmen and women tackle the world’s issues with smart business solutions. Every transaction they generate is contributing to a thriving economy and a better future.

We’re inspired by these people and want to know everything about them. What’s in their refrigerator? What’s their routine? And what’s their vision for the future? We want to learn from their world view and mistakes. To find answers to these questions we came up with Twentie Four.

Twentie Four is a project that follows 24 entrepreneur in 24 cities for 24 hours. We’ll take a closer look at those individuals who see opportunities rather than obstacles. We know it sounds a little crazy, but that’s exactly the kind of entrepreneurial spirit you need.

Our journey starts today in our aspiration to follow entrepreneurs around the globe. Our findings will be presented in a beautiful video series. We believe that through the eyes of others one can experience another world.

The time to solve our global challenges is now! We have the brightest minds and the most promising technologies at our fingertips. So what are you waiting for? Go fix it..

In the coming months we’ll present you with wonderful role models and our journey to find them. We are incredibly excited. Hop along and give us a helping hand where you can.

Much love,
Linda, Erik and Jasper

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Twentie Four is a web series that follows 24 entrepreneurs for 24 hours around the globe.

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