A new Kickstarter project has launched that aims to please the fashion forward urban cyclist. As cycling is becoming more than just recreation but a first choice form of transportation for urban residents, more and more people are facing the conundrum of what to wear on the bike that will be comfortable, but yet fashionable when you get off the bike.

Daniel Prempeh created Twentyeightco, a daily cyclist himself, he ran into the same problems in lack of comfort and utility with clothing while riding on the bike. So he created a full line of clothing and accessories that are both good looking and have features fit for the bike. The shirts are made from lightweight and breathable material, the denim are stretch to reduce skin irritation, and even a cycling coat.

Kickstarter backers can purchase their very own pieces from this new fashion line. There is also an option to have the creator personally bring you your new biking wear. This is what makes crowdfunding so amazing; backers can take such a hands on part in the companies they fund.

Another unique feature to this campaign is its media. The creators have not only created a video and photos but he provided a look into the campaign. Backers get to see the blueprints to his campaign and samples of the pieces.

“We’re really excited to be launching our campaign”, says creator and founder of Twentyeightco. “Comfort, functionality and timeless looks are the key elements to this collection, working in a beautiful color palette of crisp blue, dark grey, orange and classic white. We really feel our line will seamlessly fit into your life.”

The Kickstarter campaign gives people a comprehensive look at what this product line is all about. For more information, visit:

Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1225974274/679394973?token=e70d9135

Website: www.twentyeightco.co.uk

Contact: Daniel Prempeh

Phone: 07956096724

Email: info@twentyeightco.co.uk