Bringing Online Birth Control to North Carolina

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2 min readAug 31, 2020

We are bringing online birth control via telemedicine to North Carolina! We’re inspired by North Carolina’s history of female change makers: Mary L. Wyche organized the Raleigh Nurses’ Association and founded several nursing schools; Gertrude Weil helped establish the Wayne County Health Department and was a civil rights leader; and Pauli Murray was an acclaimed activist, feminist lawyer, and poet.

With recent changes in legislation limiting birth control coverage through employers, it’s more important than ever that we continue to support women across the U.S. in need of contraceptive access. Our mission at Twentyeight is to expand access to reproductive and sexual health for all.

In July 2020, the Supreme Court supported a regulation that allows employers to control women’s access to birth control based on religious or moral beliefs. The National Women’s Law Center estimates that nearly 2 million women in North Carolina have insurance coverage for birth control, which could now decrease.

Publicly supported family planning centers in North Carolina only met 27% of North Carolina women’s need for contraceptive services and supplies in 2013, and today many more women are in need of these resources.

One barrier to family planning, seen across the U.S., is that women often live in a “contraceptive desert,” meaning they lack access to nearby health centers. Based on a minimum 15-minute drive, 24.7% of North Carolina’s population lives in a contraceptive desert.

North Carolina recognizes the need to improve health outcomes. According to the New York Times, North Carolina “has embarked on one of the country’s most ambitious efforts to transform how health care is defined and paid for.” In 2011, North Carolina created a Pregnancy Medical Home (PMH) program to improve the quality of pregnancy care for the state’s Medicaid population. In addition to providing telehealth options to get the pill, patch, ring and emergency contraception, Twentyeight Health will be accepting Medicaid, making it even easier for women to get $0 copay contraceptives.

Welcome North Carolina!

-Team Twentyeight


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