Hello Florida! We’re here to bring affordable birth control to all.

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3 min readJul 17, 2020

As of June 2020, Twentyeight Health is welcoming all users from Florida as the first online birth control telemedicine platform to accept Medicaid. Additionally, we are expanding our partnership with Bedsider (a program of Power to Decide) to provide a year’s worth of birth control free for uninsured individuals in need.

Twentyeight Health launching birth pills, patch, ring and emergency contraception in Florida

“Nearly 1.2 million women in Florida face tremendous barriers to accessing contraception they need and deserve,” said Ginny Ehrlich, former CEO of Power to Decide. “This is unacceptable and stands in the way of these women’s power to decide if, when and under what circumstances to get pregnant and have a child. Because access to contraception is limited in many parts of Florida, women who are already struggling to make ends meet are burdened with additional costs to access basic health care. When the only clinics available to them are far from home, many of these women face untenable decisions, like whether to use their limited transportation dollars to get to work or to the clinic, how they will pay for extra child care hours and if they can afford to take time off work.”

Unfortunately, women in Florida are less likely to have any health coverage at all compared to their peers nationally. 18% of women in Florida of reproductive age are uninsured compared to 11.7% nationwide. Additionally, 18% of women in Florida cited that they did not see a doctor in the last 12 months due to costs, which is even higher for women of color at 22%.

However, there have been many pioneering women advancing women’s rights and healthcare in Florida. Charlotte Edwards Maguire endured unequal treatment in medical school, including being banished from the classroom by professors because of her gender, and became the first woman to open a pediatric clinic in Orlando in 1946. Mary Grizzle, who served in the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate, spearheaded the Married Women Property Rights Act, which became law in 1970, to allow women to start a business or transfer property without their husband’s permission, and sponsored bills to admit women to jury duty, grant equal pay for equal work and provide maternity leave for teachers.

We want to continue the work of advancing healthcare and equity, and we are excited to support individuals in Florida with increased access to affordable and convenient reproductive and sexual care services in all of Florida!

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We are a team of doctors, public health experts, designers, engineers and builders committed to changing the face of healthcare for women. Our vision is to make reproductive & sexual health accessible for all.

Twentyeight offers a convenient and affordable end-to-end platform where women can get doctor-vetted health content, online doctor consultations, prescription delivery, and follow up care. Additionally, we provide free doctor-vetted sexual education content.

We’ve also partnered with Bedsider and the National Institute for Reproductive Health, donating 2% of our revenues to support their work to improve access to reproductive and sexual healthcare.



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