Hello Medium.

A 25 year old’s story to running the NYC Marathon.

Twentyfive Inc. — I turn 25 years old in a week. It’s a brand name. Not sure yet for what. But the number 25 has been my number and most of all a power symbol to me for a very long time. Last jersey I ever wore was 25. Own a Derrick Rose Knicks #25 jersey. Mark Teixeira Yankees #25. It goes on.

This is my first post for a number of reasons. I have 20 weeks to train for the NYC Marathon, and I hoped I could write a diary of sorts about my progression leading up to it. The workouts, the diet, the not working out, the shit food. Etc.

I played division I soccer in the ACC for about 10 seconds, and joined a fraternity and was somewhat content with club ball since. I feel empty as to how far I could’ve gone, but the cards weren’t dealt to lead me to a different school to play, or drop out and tryout with a semi pro team… (it was a serious thought). The summer before my last semester I got into running and working out on a more consistent basis. Mostly because of a complete dumpster fire of a relationship that finally concluded, but also because of finally owning up to my bad collegiate drinking habits. That was 2014.

Fast forward to 2016, and I’m working 12 hours a day at an investment firm in NYC. Living at home, commuting 2 hours door to door.

Living. The. life……

Anyway my managing director was an all-American runner in college and his long time colleagues explained how he was an animal in the office and out as far as work ethic goes. They make a joke that if you cut him open he’ll drip oil not blood. “Terminator-esque”. You get the picture. Well since living at home and enjoying the minimal social life I had I got into working out again. This time it was a real attempt at running. No exact goal, just park my ass on the treadmill and run. So 6–7 days a week, running a mile or couple miles on the treadmill AFTER work before lifting. It felt great. The first true feeling knowing I was fully absorbed in the running world was when I posted a 10k with about a 6.5min per mile time one random night at Gold’s Gym. Then another random Saturday morning I ran 5 miles to a beach town, had pancakes at a sit down bakery/restaurant, and ran 5 miles back. I was in psycho mode.

Then I moved into the city mid June…and New York City got the best of me.

The 4am nights, endless happy hours, grubhub, seamless, pizza, pizza, Chinese, yes I said pizza twice. Bareburger (it’s organic so it’s good for you). Done for. Completely thrown out of my rhythm. Running was a bust when I’d finally get my ass off the couch and hit the east river park. 5,6 miles at most but in horrendous times.

So another fast forward to 2017 and this ambitious young buck registers for the NYC marathon pool in November of this year.

March comes along and I’m trying to buy a Barbour jacket online and my card keeps getting declined, knowing I had enough money in my account that morning.

I see a NYRR charge for about $300 and change. I’m like oh no. What the fuck is this. And I go online to ask Google about being charged and slightly remember when signing up seeing something about a non refundable something something and BOOM : “Congratulations! If you’ve been charged, you’ve been accepted for the 2017 NYC Marathon!!!”

I’m like oh no. Already nervous, I start looking at how many weeks I have to train, etc etc. I join a gym, start running way too hard too fast, hurt my back, do nothing for a couple weeks, work out, run again, and finally : I’m 20 weeks out.

I have a plan I’ll try and stick to (and will label each post by workout), and hope whoever reads this, skims through it, whatever, can find some motivation to do something a little challenging, uncomfortable, set a goal, like I said, whatever. I actually kind of hate myself for those last couple lines because I love to rip on the friends-turned-Instagram-fitness-gurus which end up becoming not my friends, unfollowed, and made fun of….

But if you can find something in this medium story to try something that you originally thought you couldn’t ever do, then I guess I’ve made an impact.

Not sure if you even get follows, or likes or whatever on here but I downloaded the app tonight (10:30 PM EST) and probably will close it off after I fill in Monday’s schedule.

20 weeks out

Monday: cross training

I biked for 5 miles, the city was humid as f with these wild thunderstorms rolling in, and I still don’t have AC in my new apartment bedroom so I thank my gym for having complimentary towels.

Did a little chest flys (incline, flat and decline) dumbbell tricep curls, lat pull downs, close grip cable rows

Finished with typical ab sesh and 10 floors on the stairmaster.

Then sauna for 10 minutes, was a cold 125 degrees F usually it’s like 160 which is intense.

I’m going to make a blatant point to stretch because sitting at my desk in dress shoes and poor water intake and current diet is not going to be friendly until I can make significant changes.

Breakfast: Starbucks grande chai latte w a siggis yogurt I bought but didnt eat, lol

Lunch: large strawberry banana vanilla yogurt protein shake with a romaine grilled chicken salad with avocado, hard boiled egg, cucumber, red peppers, jalapeños, Parmesan cheese and chipotle dressing (its thick and not healthy but it’s good)

Afternoon grande coconut cold brew from Starbucks

Post workout dinner 2oz wheat grass shot, And a large banana blueberry vanilla yogurt vanilla whey protein shake.

Went back to my girlfriends apartment to a living room of 6 girls drinking wine and chatting about the bachelorette or bachelor one of those. It’s the multiple guys and one girl I’m pretty sure. I do follow the tabloid news somewhat close and the Corinne pool side fiasco is upsetting but isn’t that what the shows about anyway? Drama? Obviously in a legal manners only but still.

Until tomorrow.