Pre proposal for Swiftcash Videos

who we are

Hi ! we are a blockchain startup video producers living in spain with 18 years of experience in the area in Venezuela in many works
Our first contribution with the project
Video proposal

we want to help, transforming to video the code, comands, and all the swiftcash functions and services, to explain it better and easy to new holders and dao members and support the outreach work with quality material.

Constantly creation of videos about the news on the dao and about the new services, updates of bots, etc.

Future project: SwiftCashNewsBot : Later we can spread and monetice the post sharings with a telegram bot news and options to share it in personal social network and get rewarded for that, and we can comprobate with the numbers of shares in the post and more methods to give the tip.

but in first stage we wanna create the logo animation in different versions to community feedback and get the best animation in the blockchain world.

And create the next things for Swiftcash videos:

Final proposal in process to show some skills and explain the proposal

1.Web page
1. Website creation to upload videos Develop web page for upload videos to be downloaded with subtitles in many languages ​​to community use for presentations, meetups etc. Also for ask for specific videos by the community and external agents and exclusive payments through Swiftcash.
1.1 Web design: Friendly design to download the videos in different formats for the use of the community and the nodes. (20,000 SWIIFT)
1.2 Hosting 1 year: payment of the web hosting to have the website online and upload all the personalized content(payed by us no dump) (10,000 SWIFT)
1.3 Exclusive payment receipt system with SWIFTCASH through the website for ask external productions, if any outreach team need some coworking or to other people or companies but SWIFTCASH ACCEPTED HERE. (20,000 SWIFT)

Made by us

2. First series of videos
2.1 Create the first animated basics of swiftcash functions during december and january (10.000SWIFT each video no dump. to be part of community total 100.000SWIFT)

-Animation of Logo and other companions of the brand
1-History of SwiftCash
2-How swiftcash blockchain works (block browser, commands etc)
3-What is a cryptocurrency and characteristics of swiftcash
4-Mining of Masternodes an easy entrance to the crypto world
5-Decentralized governance and economy (voting and budgets)
6-Swiftcashbots on Discord and telegram
7-How to buy in Escodex (a new video will be updated for each new listing)
8-How to configure a node, staking and rewards
9-How to use the desktop wallet for voting and sending revice comands etc
10-How to receive funds from the fork
Future proposals:
-Instructives for shops
- Special material for outreach
-Spots advertising for social networks and media
-Diverse continuous tutorials
-Coworking with the network collaborating in their audiovisual works to guarantee professionalism in the brand
-Acceptance of Swiftcash on the production page for all types of audiovisual works
-Spots of situations with influencers in social networks to reach millions of viewers.
-And much more!
all that we gonna have in swiftcash
3. Marketing 
3.1 Facebook: Payment of advertising to increase followers by promoting the videos from the FANPAGE of SWIFTCASH VIDEOS, divided among all the videos and several times during the duration of the proposal (20.000SWIFT)
3.2 Instagram: Payment of advertising to influencers and pages with millions of followers from Spain and Venezuela and crypto world (users and accounts can be reccommended by anyone in discord in #Swiftvideos channel) (40.000SWIFT)
3.3 Comunity manager and SEO management of the website and the growth of the Facebook and Instagram networks (40.000SWIFT)

The next year we can create something like this to spread the message and the brand.

In the future we hope create with all the material made the next years, a documental about swiftcash and promote it to netflix and amazon etc.

Total budget: 250.000SWIFT for the first series of videos from 13 december to 13 january

We hoppe count with your feedback and support @hippiehappie @twentyone_productions on discord

For vote use the command: 
mnbudget vote-many 
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