Everyone’s key to wander the world.

How cool is it to be able to fill those spaces in your passport.. With every page you’ll be able to visit different countries. Every page, you create different memories. Every page, you take different selfies. Every page, you’ve got to meet different kinds people.

Yesterday, an unexpected mail came. The courier deliver my passport. I was so happy.

Finally, I’m one step closer to my dream.

Finally, I’m one step closer to finding my self.

Finally, I’m one step closer to making new and profound memories.


Money ain’t that big deal if your soul really wants to travel. There’s a lot of places you can visit that didn’t cost you that much.

First on my list is Bali. Ohhh! Beaches. I love beaches. 🏊🌞👙

Another thing that caught my attention into going to Indonesia was the blog that I’ve read a month ago. It cost her 25$, just 25$ to survive a day in Bali. Amazinggggg isn’t it!! 💱💱

Dreams will remain as dreams if you will not work hard for it. Dreams with action are goals.

Next year, I will make it happen. I’m going to see you Bali real sooooon!!!! 😊😊

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