I recently was complimented by other artists about a post I made on facebook for our upcoming release’ pre-save campaign because it made them actually want to click that link. One asked me if she could copy what I wrote.

I realized during that conversation that many musicians don’t actually know why pre-save campaigns exist and why people should care about it.

Below is the post I made on facebook. You can copy it for your own campaign if you like. You don’t have to give us credit, but adding a song of ours to your playlist would be amazing

You can pack the room even if your fans are out of town.

It is hard to turn down a sweet gig. We were aware that at least part of our core audience would likely be out of town for the July 4th weekend but we thought maybe a number people would still be around. WRONG! It seemed like almost everybody who had come to our previous show was going to be out of town! A few days after taking the gig, we were wishing we had turned it down. What are we going to do? We needed a plan. No. We needed many contingency plans. So we got to work…

Find people who have a reason to party

Our gig…

Backups are an essential business practice

You know you need it but just the thought of it is so… boring. I get it. I get that feeling too and I’m a techie! That said, if making music is your business, then you have to set yourself up for success by being prepared as much as possible. Here’s how to do it.

The gist is, you want

  • a setup that makes sense for your work
  • a physical backup (or two) — this would be the fastest recovery method
  • a cloud backup — slower than physical, but good to have in case your physical backup is also lost.

Top 17 things to do to make sure you’re booked again

You’ve landed a cool gig. Maybe you’re really new and you just booked your first coffee shop feature. Or maybe you just scored your first festival or showcase. Every new gig is an opportunity to make new connections in the music business, no matter how small the venue or audience. You always want people to feel like they were lucky to book you. It’s not hard to do, but it is all in the details.

Before the gig

  • Make sure you know where to go, what to bring, who will be the point of contact beforehand.
  • Decide on your set list. You should…

Actual things people said to me when I left my day job.

Photo credit to the incredibly talented Lesya Kulchenko

I wasn’t quite sure how my colleagues, friends, or family would react to my departure. For a long time, I dreaded that my decision would be met with derision, shaking heads/eye rolls, and full-blown panic attacks, respectively.

After months of weighing pros and cons and recalibrating my fears vs what is really likely to happen, I finally got to the point where I had to do it. I just had to.

I left my job, taking a full year off the 9-to-5 to focus on the craft of songwriting, to travel, and spend time with loved ones. …

Words of wisdom from those who are at the top of their game in the industry. A selection of our favorite golden nuggets from ASCAP EXPO “I Create Music” 2018, including Meghan Trainor, J Kash, Greg Wells, Claudia Brant, Jeff Ellis, Ne-Yo, Amanda Berman-Hill, Priscilla Renae, Lindsey Stirling.

“My dad told me if you’re gonna do this, you can’t rely on anybody else. You have to know how to do it all yourself. He would buy me gear for Christmas. He would tell me to set it up. …

A song for our favorite superheroes: our moms and dads.

With Mother's Day and Father's Day being just around the corner, we decided to write our next tune in honor of the first superheroes we ever get to know as kids: our parents.

"You Must've Known" is an acoustic pop tune, with a bit of a Jack Johnson vibe. Lyrics are included below. We'd love to know what you think of the song!


Stream “You Must’ve Known” on your favorite platform. Share it with friends & family :-)

For a limited time, it is available for FREE download on…

Ever seen a skateboarder or snowboarder doing tricks where they seem to hang in mid-air for a second? That imagery is what inspired the song “Gravity Can Wait”. In that brief moment of weightlessness, it seems that gravity can wait, everything else can wait.

The song is now available on all major platforms. See below for lyrics. If you know a friend who would dig this, be a cool buddy and pass it along!

See below for lyrics.

Thank you for listening!

Music & Lyrics by 23rd Hour

Give me more of the long, long…

Our trash is washing up on a Hawaiian beach, or ingested by the seafood we eat. Think about that.

Everything from crates to minuscule plastic pieces strewn along the beach.

It’s the most beautiful beach we know. Turquoise waters, fine golden sand, little tourist traffic. As we catch the mesmerizing sunrise, I can’t help but notice the debris strewn across this East-facing beach on the island of O’ahu.

Deductions for 2017

EDIT: Now that 2017 filing is over, do yourself a favor and make things easier for yourself next year! We just signed up for QuickBooks and we’re amazed. Use this link to get 50% off QuickBooks (and we get $30 credit)

Let me preface this by stating that I’m not a tax accountant or expert by any stretch of imagination. I’m just a musician doing my taxes and learning how it works along the way. I’m sharing what I’ve learned but it may/may not apply to you or be 100% correct. The information below is not replacement…

23rd Hour

On the 23rd Hour, two perfect strangers shared a magical moment writing a song. Here we write about music, creative businesses, the Bay Area scene, wine & more.

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