If You’re Building A Startup You Need To Move To Phoenix (Not Silicon Valley)
Tuft & Needle

Hi guys, welcome to the coolest city in the country — hope you stay a while. :) Please try to leave it a little better than you left it.

I grew up here in downtown Phoenix, moved to Silicon Valley for fifteen years for work and school, then moved back here to enjoy the quality of life. While the Bay Area is expensive to live in, especially for families with average incomes, a lot of that expense comes from progressive policies like increased school spending and stricter environmental laws. So hopefully as Arizona adopts more of those common-sense policies, things will become a bit more expensive here while still maintaining that frontier spirit Arizonans are so proud of.

To those posters above who decry Arizona’s bigoted culture, I’ll only say this. Downtown Phoenix is a multicultural enclave of enhanced social awareness, and living here gives you the opportunity to not only enjoy a progressive lifestyle in a city of two million people, but the opportunity to help spread ideas to the surrounding suburbs.

To anyone having trouble with the summer heat, consider shifting your schedules for July and August a little so you can get outdoors time during late night/early morning when it’s beautiful out. Ozone levels and temperatures are gloriously lower from 9PM to 6AM, it’s peaceful and quiet even in the heart of the city, and the desert moons are lovely.

So many positives of living here, and only a few negatives, which we’re all working on fixing together. If you’re the kind of person who values your quality of life, Phoenix is a great place to be. Thanks for helping make that clear via this article.

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