You don’t get to have all the babies
Anna Graham Hunter

you can’t prove that your friend who aborted when she was young wouldn’t have still went on to have her other children even if she kept her first offspring. You can’t prove that your lover who knocked you up wouldn’t have still met his wife and had a child with her. There would have definitely been hardship related to having and raising a child, but that hardship does not mean they could not have procreated at a latter date with each other or someone else. All that is certain is a child was aborted.

You don’t get to claim an abortion as some proximate cause for anything good that happened in someone else’s life, any more than pro lifers can claim it as the cause of bad, simply because it makes you or them feel superior. You are rationalizing to make your decisions feel all neat and tied together like some Machiavellian ends justify the means argument.

An abortion isn’t an action you get to put a neat little bow on and celebrate like a present. From your perspective it may have been easy, but from the perspective of terminated offspring, it’s dead before it even had a chance.

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