So happy to have stumbled across your piece Thomas.
J M Jackson

I’m glad you enjoyed it Jon! At the moment I find being able to balance my interests in both is keeping them both fresh. I’m currently in training to be a software developer in test and I find reading literature on the train home an excellent mental refresher after the day’s work and before embarking on any ‘homework’. And the routine means I’m reading more than I was before which is always a plus!

It’s interesting that you’ve found teaching to be a handy outlet for your creative side. It’s an option that has always been at the back of my mind too for somewhere down the line if I ever find myself feeling similarly constrained. But what exactly that would look like I don’t know, it’s one of many possibilities at this early stage in my career.

I had a look at some of your #100nakedwords archive — it’s an excellent idea for anyone interested in expressing themselves in writing. I hope you are able to continue finding the time for them and good luck with the first novel!

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