King of the earth

Earthlings, you are too hard on yourselves! You judge homo sapiens and Nation States against the standards of a saint. Let’s face it, humans would not have won the title ‘King of the Earth’ by being nice guys. Nice Nation States get conquered, massacred and raped. It’s a tough world and if you’re smart, you’ll defend yourself. Defence. That’s what it’s all about. You can’t win the struggle if you’re dead, weak or unprepared for trouble. That applies both to people and their governments. No wonder your major economic power houses spend a fortune on defence. And their people love it. It makes them feel safe. So it should come as a surprise to no-one that the power house of the last century produces half of the world’s armaments, every year. Do they get any thanks for it? Not from the rest of the world, who see them as bullies, when they’re just smart. They’re smart in a business sense, too. Their weapons technology is streets ahead. Everybody may hate them for it, but they want to buy the weapons. Putting a bum rap on them because they aggressively market their weapons technology abroad is simply to blame them for being good salesman. Let’s face it, if they didn’t supply the world’s dictators with the latest weapons, someone else would. That sure wouldn’t be good for Big Momma’s tax payers, would it? Those weapons sales keep taxes down, as well as keeping people safe. No wonder the public supports it. Bleeding heart liberals can’t see that, can they? They can’t stomach that simple truth. I’ll admit that it does get a little dicey when some tinhorn dictator turns those weapons on his own people, especially when it’s the top news story of the week. But no country has a right to interfere in the internal affairs of another nation state. Even the UN won’t do that. So why complain when Big Momma sits on her hands and does nothing to help ? I mean, it’s not like she’s taking sides. Big Momma is quite happy to arm freedom fighters, too. But even that doesn’t satisfy the bleeding hearts. They claim that selling weapons to both sides in a protracted civil war is immoral. But surely, business is about profit, not morality? But what can you expect, the bleeding heart liberals don’t even like multi-national corporations making big profits. It all comes down to jealousy, then, doesn’t it? But don’t be too hard on the pinko liberals. After all , they’re not saints, either.


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