There’s not much equality about in your human societies. There’s even less ‘equal opportunity’, whatever that means. It seems to be all ‘have’s’ and ‘have-not’s’ . And if it’s not on economic grounds, it’s social or cultural division. People all over your planet are living cheek by jowl with wildly different life chances and opportunities. From what I’ve been reading, it’s about to get a lot worse. The twin fuels of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence are set to magnify the differences in life chances exponentially. Why should your children be born with less intelligence or artistic ability than your neighbour’s kids? Is it fair to have to play russian roulette with the gene pool on matters of such importance? And one of your most prolific scientific innovators thinks that artificial intelligence in forty years will make it possible to increase the brain capacity of homo sapiens a billion fold. So if genetic engineering doesn’t get you, artificial intelligence will. Get you what? That’s the worrying question. Get you very rich and famous, if you’re one of the elite with an inside track to those new benefactions? Maybe. Get you very angry if you’re one of the many who lose out. Rationing is sure to take place and there’s sure to be many more losers than winners. Hard to understand how social stability, that lofty aim of every government, can exist in that maelstrom. When you throw in for good measure the advances in biochemistry that are coming, the gains for the winners and the losses for those shut out could be infinite. Or rather, immortal. So enjoy what equality you have now. And stay tuned for interesting times. Anyone for russian roulette?