How much time did it take from when we removed the noindex attribute on a web page until it was on the top of Google’s search results?

Photo of a watercraft painted like a shark, driving in circles.
It took the watercraft search page on 32 days to cruise to the top of Google.

When Google ranked the wrong page

We used to have strict rules on which pages we allowed to be indexed. These have now been liberalised, but with some unexpected restrictions. One such quirk appeared on our search page for boats, where we didn’t allow indexing when the search was filtered by a boat type, but not also for brand. That meant that if you were googling “watercraft”, you would find a list of vessels from a random brand, not the list of all watercraft, as you would expect.

A crepe with an egg, ruccula salad and a piece of a tomato.
Eating breakfast out is a challenge when you can’t eat eggs, gluten or dairy products.

What is inclusive food?

I’ve been working a lot with universal design in web development, also known as inclusive design. And in my spare time I’ve always loved to play around in the kitchen. One thing that has been a challenge to my cooking is that my wife is intolerant to eggs, milk and gluten, and I have twisted my mind to make food that she can eat and I find interesting. So I thought, is there a term called inclusive food? Food that anyone can eat?

Ingredients to avoid

To cook for my wife I must stick to pure meats and vegetables, and avoid wheat. But…

Confused looking woman with many blind men walking towards her.
So you thought you were accessible?

Whoops accessibility

The Norwegian Parliament has unanimously adopted that all websites must be accessible for anyone to use. Prior to the election in 2017, the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment, in Norway known as Difi, ran an accessibility test on all the political parties’ websites to check whether they stood by their own requirements.

Woman sitting by a laptop with a coffee cup beside her.

One smartphone, one tablet and one big screen.
What devices are people using on Mobile, tablet or desktop?

Desktop, tablet or mobile phone?

So let’s start by looking at the devices people were using on FINN, regardless of whether they used our native apps or visited with a browser.

Tom Widerøe

I do my best

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