While you’re here, if you are a developer, I made a thing: Isshub.io, your essential Github and Gitlab companion

So, I made a timelapse. Of a sunset. Yes, I think I’m the first in the world to have this idea…

If you want to see it now, before the details about the image manipulations, here it is:

I’m new in the timelapse world, and I made mistakes during the shooting.

But still, mistakes or not, there is a lot of work to do when you take 5100 photos (one per second)

In this post I’ll describe how I:

  • found…

Introduced in Firefox 4, Panorama is a really great feature.

Sadly, they plan to remove it in a near future, without official replacement solution (even if it was proposed)

They have two main arguments for this removal:

  • the code is hard to maintain with the fast release cycle
  • the feature is only used by a handful of users (they say 0.01%, it’s 10.000 users worldwide for 100.000.000 (I don’t know the total number of Firefox users), it’s hard to believe as I, personally, know many people using it)

As much as I am willing to accept the first point…

I am looking for a “devops” to migrate an old server, with many perl and php services on it (and bind, apache, mysql…) to a new one, from an old debian to a recent ubuntu-server LTS.

The main difficulty is to port the perl service as it was untouched for years, and many libraries from CPAN may not be available anymore, or at least on the used versions.

I think a few days, maybe a week, will be needed. I’ll listen to all proposals, will give more details if needed, so feel free to contact me by mail: s.angel-at-twidi.com

Le 11 Novembre 2015, je retweetais ceci:

D’ailleurs, au lendemain du 11 novembre 2014, on pouvait en savoir un peu plus à ce sujet sur le site du NouvelObs :

J’avoue avoir toujours eu un peu peur de sortir un drapeau pour cette exacte raison.

Et d’ailleurs je n’en avais pas.

Avec des évènements comme ceux qui viennent de se produire, la fibre patriotique reprend un peu le dessus.

Les drapeaux sont de sortie, la Marseillaise est chantée, pas murmurée ou ignorée.

Le Monde en parle bien :

D’ailleurs, moi, cette Marseillaise, m’a toujours donné des frissons quand je…

Arrêt devant “La belle équipe” ce midi avec un collègue.
Il y a perdu une amie.
On y a trouvé Paris.
Ce tapis de bougies, de fleurs,
De mots de soutien, d’hommages.
Ces gens debout en silence.
Un peu hébétés.
Tout comme nous.
Nous sommes restés un moment.
Avons posé nos bougies.
Et juste là, la photo de son amie.
Les larmes de mon collègue.
Nous sommes restés un peu plus longtemps.
Puis un dernier regard.
Et encore un autre.
Puis nous nous en sommes allés.

Car la vie continue.


Coucou papa, c’était pour savoir si tout allait bien de votre côté ?

Oui ma chérie, enfin physiquement. Le moral c’est autre chose.
Aucun proche ni amis parmi les victimes, ouf.
Merci et gros gros bisous

Ouf je suis rassurée ! Le moral ? Comment ça, Il se passe quoi ?

Oh ben “rien”, c’est “juste” les événements qui plombent un peu le moral. Mais on s’en remettra, il faut continuer à vivre comme on aime le faire sans se laisser intimider par quelques dégénérés, aussi féroces soient-ils

Toi pas trop chamboulée ?

Ah oui.. Et bien à la base…

The comeback of a four year old pet project.

I remember when I had the idea of Repos.io.

It was mid-2011, Github had about one million repositories, I had a few hundreds of starred ones. And, their search was crappy.

The initial idea was to list the starred projects of a Github user, with full text search to easily find one.

So, I started to work on a first version, with Django on the backend, Boostrap on the frontend.

Then, the project was linked on Hacker News twice and there was a lot of Github user signing on the website…

Yes, it’s been a while.

After the 7th day, I stopped writing down everything I did because, in the end, it was taking me much more time than expected.

It’s the second time I tried this little experiment of writing down my path to conquer a new “technology”, and I failed twice (on writing it down, not in conquering the technology: the first one was Django, and I quite succeeded on this, and I made significant progress in the last one, “modern javascript”)

So my “Isshub dev, full days” period ended a few months later, without writing anything, but learning…

Last day, I planned for today:

  • write missing methods and actions in flux
  • start the react components, if I still have time

About the first thing, I simply added the actions to enter/exit design mode, with tests.

I add to update my fork of “flux-react” to correct a bug I introduced and make it easier to use (something related to public/privates members of a store).

And after that, I was able to create the first react component: the main grid.

It is really simple for the moment as it simply display its name, but use the store and actions to…

Last day, I planned for today:

  • add the function to insert an existing content in a placeholder
  • start working on the react part of the Grid

And I did as planned (if you replace “react” by “flux”)

In the grid manipulator, I added the possibility to create a module, to set it, or move an existing one, in a placeholder. With clean of the placeholders after the move.

And I added a test for the full workflow of the drag and drop of the grid: create a grid from scratch, create a module, set it in the grid, add another…


Founder @Isshub_io / Dev Django freelance, worked for @liberation_info, @ululeFR and @gandibar

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