Voice, messaging, video, programmable chat and much more

As a cloud-based API that allows for software developers to embed communications into their applications, Twilio delivers a rich and broad set of product offers that make it easy to empower apps with communications functionalities:

TWILIO VOICE — allows for making and receiving phone calls, or embedding voice capabilities into existing apps. The application decides how to handle each call in real time. Twilio voice applications make use of unique cloud features such as data driven call routing and complete call control using APIs, global low latency and the ability to connect with phone carriers or VoIP. Some additional cool call features such as Audio Recording , Text-to-Speech , Call Queues and Global Audio conferencing are built right into Twilio Voice. Twilio voice offers include:

TWILIO MESSAGING — allows building applications that send & receive SMS and MMS messages, as well as APIs to power contextual in-app chats using IP messaging or “programmable chat”. Twilio messaging displays a global reach as well as smart delivery features — plus delivery information to ensure messages are delivered. The offer contemplates:

  • Twilio SMS — Make + receive calls over the public phone network
  • Twilio MMS — Send and receive pictures (valid on USA & Canadian phone numbers)
  • Programmable chat — advanced IP messaging into apps!
  • Messaging “Co-pilot” — helps sending messages to the best target number
  • Notify — brand new Twilio API that allows for orchestration of notifications across multi devices, over SMS, push, instant messaging
  • Short Codes — for high volume SMS/MMS
  • Toll free SMS — toll free numbers enabled for short messaging

TWILIO VIDEO — enables sw developers to embed live peer-to-peer video into mobile and web applications. Twilio Video can create conversations between many participants, which connect peer-to-peer to broadcast voice and/or video. The Video SDKs are available for iOS, Android, Javascript platforms — and the video SDK optimizes the mobile media stack (for iOS and Android) to adequately handle jitter, packet loss and other challenges in video transmission. The Registration and Signaling capabilities are powered by Twilio’s global cloud infrastructure. Twilio even provides TURN media relay (in the nearest geo) in p2p direct connections are not possible.

TWILIO AUTHENTICATION — provides an authentication-as-a-service platform for developers, offering APIs and SDKs for adding 2FA or two-factor-authentication to websites and apps. Twilio enables a number of authentication use cases — such as generation oftime-based tokens, push notification, SMS and voice delivered tokens. Three different approaches are offered (one can mix & match them by the way):

  • Authy SoftToken is an app for mobile phones, desktops and even Apple Watch. It is a direct replacement of the typical hardware token . It provides a Time-Based One Time Password that can be used to verify identity, after user/pass is entered.
  • Authy OneCode refers to a passcode delivered to a registered phone via SMS and/or Phone Call. Such code can be used for login.
  • Authy OneTouch is a smartphone app that sends push authentication requests that can be verified via an easy one step “yes, it’s me!” challenge.

Phone number verification is also a new service provided by Twilio. It is possible to verify users at signup by confirming phone number ownership; goal is to help reduce fraudulent accounts and accelerate account on-boarding.

TWILIO CONNECTIVITY — Twilio connectivity products allow provisioning of on demand Voice and SMS enabled phone numbers . This way, the application can instantly communicate with unique phone numbers in countries — covering every continent!. The global reach of Twilio phone numbers allows one to dial or message local, mobile or toll free numbers and instantly be connected to your application. Here’s a list of countries where Twilio has local numbers . For VoIP communications, Twilio SIP allows to connect existing IP PBX , Session Border , or Soft switch infrastructure to Twilio’s voice cloud, activating Twilio’s advanced features in the communications stack. Elastic SIP Trunking can also provision VoIP infrastructure with global connectivity and phone numbers that are pay-as-you-go, (no upfront contracts are required) and are available with features such as multitenancy, disaster recovery and even SMS. The connectivity suite also contemplates Programmable Wireless service (enabling build-up of the exact communication workflow developers need for cellular-connected IoT devices, phones, and tablets with the ability to program every call, text and data packet) and sophisticated cloud-based app state control (Sync).

  • Twilio Phone numbers — On demand provisioning of phone numbers in 40+ countries.
  • Elastic SIP Trunking— Instantly provision your VoIP infrastructure with global voice connectivity designed for resilience.
  • Programmable Wireless — Cellular data, SMS, and voice communications for connected devices (provisioned and managed via the Twilio API)
  • Twilio Sync — Synchronize web and mobile apps with a single source of state in the cloud. Allow users to pick up on their laptop where they left off on their smartphone, for example . Twilio SDKs make it easy to manage complex state transitions with a few lines of code.

Twilio has also come up with a powerful Marketplace of add-ons, where developers can use extra technologies (provided by a comprehensive list of partners) on top of the voice/messaging API and services in order to accomplish many different tasks, such as translation, geolocation, white page, caller info, and so on.