Fake Bible 1: God’s Shit Rough Draft

Genesis 1: Create All The Things

Gen1:1 In the beginning, God separated matter from empty space. It was NOT a big bang. There’s no sound in space: George Lucas is a liar.

Gen1:2 Now the earth was without form and void, so if this next part gets confusing, remember this was like sculpting Play-Doh while it was on fire.

Gen1:3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. (Pretty much all God’s utilities were voice-activated.)

Gen1:4 God saw that the light was good, but realized it would be better in HD. So he separated it from the darkness.

Gen1:5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness “night,” even though he’d just called the light “light,” thus inventing “synonyms.”

Gen1:6–8 On Day Two, God created sky, a firmament to separate the waters from the waters. So whenever it rains, God’s ceiling is leaking.

Gen1:9 And God said, “Let water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear, at least until the polar ice caps melt.”

Gen1:10 God called the dry ground “land” or possibly “Pangaea.” The gathered waters he called “seas,” “ocean,” “waters” and “Clarence.”

Gen1:11–12 On the next day, God said more stuff, and plants, fungi, prokaryotes and protists happened.

Gen1:13 He could’ve gotten to animals before knocking off that day, but it was Humpday.

Gen1:14 Day 4. Suddenly it hit God: “Why am I knocking Myself out generating all the light of day? I can make THINGS to make light FOR Me.”

Gen1:14–16 So God said “Let there be a sun and moon and stars, which pass regularly enough to set your calendar by. Except leap days.”

Gen1:17–18 God set them into the sky, and God saw that it was good. You would too, if you’d just automated your daily workload.

Gen1:19–20 Day 5. God said, “Let the sea and sky be full of living creatures.” But would the universe obey him THIS time? THE SUSPENSE!

Gen1:21 BAM. All flying and aquatic forms of life materialized at once. Pterodactyls, bald eagles, sharks, Loch Nessie, great leonopteryxes.

Gen1:21 Survival of the fittest began three seconds later, with the air traffic collisions.

Gen1:22 God told them, “Be fruitful and increase in number until you choke the seas and blot out the sun. You heard Me. Get fucking.”

Gen1:23 That was Friday. But you know how you’ll work through a Saturday if you really get a project in your teeth?

Gen1:24–25 So, Saturday, God was like, “Okay, now LAND animals.” Ba-boom, triceratopses, Neanderthals, ferrets, Golden Labradoodles.

Gen1:26 Then God said “Let’s delegate a little more. How about a ruler of these animals who’s just like Me, only not as awesome?”

Gen1:27 God created man and woman in “his own image” — meaning their souls could grasp the divine, not that they weren’t goofy-looking.

Gen 1:28 God said, “You two rule. Literally. Don’t let T-Rex scare you, you’re in charge of Earth. You and your kids, that is. Get fucking.”

Gen1:29 “For food, you can eat ANY seed-bearing plant on the whole freaking planet. NO EXCEPTIONS! But go easy on the opium and poison oak.”

Gen1:30 “Land and flying animals, I give you every green plant for food. Lions, tigers, sparrow hawks, you’re all plant-eaters! Bon appetit.”

Gen1:30–31 “Fish, you can eat… each other, whatever. I’m wiped anyway.” And that was the end of Day 6.

Genesis 2: The Hottest Rib Ever

Gen2:1 So the universe was complete. God looked around and said, “I really peaked with the Light thing, didn’t I?”

Gen2:2–3 And on Sunday, God chillaxed. And he said, “Okay, Sunday is now CASUAL Sunday. Everybody unclench on that day, or else.”

Gen2:4 And now for something completely different: a creation story.

Gen2:5 So it was Day 6, but there were no plants yet, although God created them on Day 3. God only created linear time on Saturday evening.

Gen2:6–7 There were streams, though, and dust. God made man out of wet dust. That’s why man smells like that.

Gen2:8 Now God planted the Garden of Eden and planted his human in the middle of it so he didn’t die of oxygen deprivation.

Gen2:9 The Garden had what every garden needs: good-looking trees, nourishing fruit trees, a tree of immortality and a tree of knowledge.

Gen2:10–14 Eden was surrounded by four rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates and two you’ve never heard of, at 26°41'N 51°42'E.

Gen2:15 God: “Okay, Adam, you’re now my chief gardener. The hours are good but the Boss is really strict. No smoking. Get farming.”

Gen2:16–17 “For food yadda yadda ANY seed-bearing yadda yadda. Oh, except the tree of knowledge, because it’ll kill you after 930 years.”

Gen2:18 The LORD God said, “Man looks lonely. I’ll make a helper suitable for him… One of these animals, maybe? Or some sort of robot?”

Gen 2:19 God trotted out animal sidekick candidates, whom Adam named in his pre-Tower-of-Babel language. The woolly mammoth was “Treeface.”

Gen 2:20 But Adam couldn’t see any of the beasts as a gardening buddy. I mean, the rhino? And the humping dogs made him weirdly envious.

Gen2:21 Not used to having His ideas criticized, God knocked Adam unconscious and performed a quick rib removal.

Gen2:22 After some gene-splicing, DNA resequencing and chromsome-futzing, God presented Adam with his clone. His… sexy clone. Rule 34.

Gen2:23 Adam called her “woman,” because “WHOA, MAN” is pretty much all you can say when all the blood rushes to your pelvis.

Gen2:24 Then Adam babbled about leaving one’s parents for marriage, despite not knowing what parents were. Divine inspiration, one supposes.

Gen2:25 And they were naked, but not ashamed. Quite the opposite, really, ifyouknowwhatImean (bow-chicka-wow-wow).

Genesis 3: Unsupervised Learning

Gen3:1 Now, a walking snake — sort of a GEICO gecko-type — “cleverly” asked Woman, “Did God really sssay you couldn’t eat anything?”

Gen3:2–3 Unfazed by this blaspheming animal ex machina, Woman said, “We eat from any tree except the conspicuously prominent poisonous one.”

Gen3:4–5 “Nah,” the serpent said, “God lied. That tree’ll give you sssuperintelligence, knowledge of good and evil. Trust me. I know evil.”

Gen3:6 Ignorant of right and wrong by definition, and way too dumb to worry about ticking off an omnipotent Creator, Woman ate.

Gen3:6 She also gave some to Adam, who would’ve eaten a box of rocks in order to keep getting laid. “Wait,” he said after. “We’re NAKED.”

Gen3:7 “AAH! PENIS! TITS!” they shouted, and made themselves clothes from fig leaves. Bareassedness is evil, but only when you know better.

Gen3:8–11 Then they heard God approach even though he’s everywhere, and hid themselves, thereby showing their newfound knowledge. Bad call.

Gen3:12–13 Adam explained it was all Woman’s fault. Woman explained it was all Serpent’s fault. Serpent decided to see how this played out.

Gen3:14 God cursed the serpent to go limbless. (Whatever the worms did to hack God off later must have been epic.)

Gen3:15 God then put enmity between serpent and woman, though after the deceit and the blame game, they already weren’t what you call close.

Gen3:16 “Woman, pushing 7-pound infants through your vagina will now be an actually PAINFUL experience. Also, feminism? Forget it.”

Gen3:17 “Adam, unlike before, you will now have to WORK for your food, possibly in some gardener-type position.”

Gen3:18 “I’ll put thorns on the plants you cultivate, Adam. That’s sort of as bad as the pain of childbirth.”

Gen3:19 “Oh, and like I said, you’re going to die for eating that fruit, both of you. But no rush. Let’s make you wait for it.”

Gen3:20 Adam decided to name his wife “Steve,” or “Eve” for short, in the middle of all this. His other names for her weren’t very nice.

Gen3:21 God clothed Adam and Eve in animal skins, because fig leaves do not have a very high thread count.

Gen3:22–24 Then, God’s flaming-sword-wielding babies banished them from the garden so they didn’t eat from the tree of immortality…

…you know, the non-forbidden tree, which they could’ve eaten from before and become godlike with no consequences. Adam & Eve. Morons.

Genesis 4: Raising Cain

Gen4:1 More fucking. Eve had a son, Cain, and burbled, “With God’s help I have brought forth this fine little man! He’ll make us so proud!”

Gen4:2 Some time later, she had Abel. No word on how exciting it was the second time, after a couple years of childcare. Then C&A grew up.

Gen4:2–4 Cain, the farmer, offered God some fruit. Abel offered God his BEST sheep. God wasn’t hungry, but it’s the thought that counts.

Gen4:5–6 God dissed Cain and his offering, then asked why Cain looked so pissy.

Gen4:7 “This isn’t HARD. Do right, & you’ll be accepted. Do wrong & you’ll be tempted to sin, but you must resist. Ask your mom about that.”

Gen4:8 Cain totally ignored this, led his brother to the field (“I got something to show you”) and gave him the old scythe-to-the-head.

Gen4:9 So God’s like, “Cain, didn’t you used to have a brother?” and Cain’s like “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Sassing God=POOR PLANNING.

Gen4:10 Then God said, “Have you forgotten I have murder-victim’s-blood-hearing? It’s my second coolest power after telekinesis!”

Gen4:11–12 “I disown you, and declare you THE WORST GARDENER EVER. You’ll have to be a hunter-gatherer fugitive vagabond!”

Gen4:13–14 Cain replied, “A black thumb is one thing, but because I invented murder, which is wrong, anyone who finds me will kill me!”

Gen4:15 “Okay,” replied God, “I’ll scar you with a sign that says anyone who kills you will suffer something SEVEN TIMES WORSE THAN DEATH.”

Gen4:16–17 Cain took his banishment surprisingly well. He married a nice-looking Homo habilis and got written by Neil Gaiman.

Gen4:17 Cain also had a child and built a city, both named Enoch. Not bad for a cursed wanderer. Maybe it was a mobile city?

Gen4:18–19 None of Cain’s descendants were really interesting until Lamech the murdering polygamist fame-whore.

Gen4:20–22 Lamech’s kids were Jabal the rancher, Jubal the musician, Tubal-Cain the metalworker, and Naamah the hottie.

Gen4:23 One day, Lamech came home and told his wives, “Hey, I just killed a guy. RIGHT IN THE FACE. He started it.”

Gen4:24 “I’m like Cain PLUS! If anyone kills ME, they get payback *77* times over! I’ll found 24 cities! Apples will wilt WHILE I EAT THEM.”

Gen4:24.5 But for all his bragging, the Bible text then forgot all about Lamech like he was last week’s trending topic.

Gen4:25 Adam and Eve had one more kid, Seth, whom Eve described as “a replacement for Abel.” That probably gave Seth some issues.

Gen4:26 Then people began to call upon the name of the Lord. E.g., Seth said, “GOD, mom!” when Eve called his son “a replacement grandson.”

Genesis 5: The First Part Everybody Skims

Gen5:1–2 And now for the totally fascinating genealogy from Adam to Noah. Just to be clear: GOD CREATED MAN AND WOMAN.

Gen5:3–8 Adam had Seth at 130, had other sons & daughters, died at 930. Seth had Enosh at 105, had other sons & daughters, died at 912… zzzz…

Gen5:9–24 A lot more of Adam’s descendants lived crazy long. Nobody cares about most of them. Enoch was the baby of the group, dying at 365.

Gen5:25–28 Methuselah lived to 969, setting an unbroken record for not dying. Lamech had the same name as Lamech but was a different guy.

Gen5:29–32 Then came Noah, who had his sons at 500, late in life even by Gen5 standards. He’d round out his household by getting a few pets.

To be continued.