Take this cigarette

Do you bother to tell yourself that you’re in love?
Or you dare not waste a single second on your thoughts because life is too short to take a break from this ecstasy?

Soon as you take the time to think, you’re screwed.
Because love and resentment don’t go hand to hand.
So you’re scared, you wrap yourself up in the dark.
And you’re afraid of losing a piece of yours.
So you step off and watch them from a distance because you think that the scars that you have written on you aren’t gonna make them any stronger.
And so does the love fade, because you care.

You care a little too much.

You care so so much because they mean so much to you.
Why? I don’t know, I don’t have the answer and neither do you.
Well maybe because it is nothing but the compulsive lust.
Or maybe it could be something that you’ve seen in them that you can not relate to anything else that you’ve ever experienced in life, but there are thousands of voices in your head screaming all the time, “I’ve seen you somewhere”.

And now their memories don’t make you feel happy anymore.
They feel like home where you could rest your mind for days and urge for nothing else.
And when you ground yourself back to reality, you end up breaking yourself bad.

Because you belong home and you’re supposed to be in the arms you love.

Are you gonna keep crying like this when there’s no one around?
Are you gonna throw out all of the pieces that made you “YOU”?
Because, indifference has it’s price.

So sugar, take this cigarette
Light it up so that your whole vastness loses itself into the darkness
And when the heart is against you, suck on it harder because this stupid thing won’t ever learn a damn thing.

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