There is something gratifying in wearing men’s t-shirts. What is it? Nobody really knows. It is a fashion trend that has become popular among the millennials, also known as the Boyfriend T-Shirt trend. Gone are the days when men’s fashion used to be boring. These days, men’s clothing is as stylish as women’s. However, men’s t-shirts are more comfortable, often softer, and cheaper as compared to women’s outfits. If you think you won’t be able to carry the look, you are mistaken. Rocking a men’s t-shirt is as easy as a pie.

Here are some tips to help you style a men’s t-shirt:

· Show ’em legs

Boyfriend T-shirts have a mysterious ability to make your legs look fabulous. When these loose-fitting t-shirts are paired with a short skirt, it creates a flattering silhouette. To make it look even chicer, gather one side of the t-shirt and make a knot.

· Layer it up

Playing with the volume might end up being your favourite look. Layering never goes out of trend. Wear a cute dress, throw the men’s t-shirt on top of it and finish by adding a cute vest jacket.

· The androgynous vibe

Make the men’s t-shirt look a little less casual by pairing it with a well-fitted high waisted pants. Make sure to tuck the t-shirt into pants. To make it look more formal, throw a formal vest on top and finish the look by wearing a pair of smart high heeled boots.

· Dress up

If a men’s t-shirt is long enough, you can wear it as a women’s dress. To make it look chicer, wear a smart broad belt, this will highlight your waist and give a shape to the loose-fitting t-shirt. If you are too conscious about the length of the t-shirt, put on a pair of shorts or leggings.

· When in doubt

A men’s t-shirt is the perfect piece for times when you can’t decide what to wear. Just throw one t-shirt for men on your skinny jeans, complement the look with a necklace and high heels. You are now ready to steal the show.

So, ladies, it’s time to raid your man’s wardrobe, but what’s even better? To buy one for yourself. Do online shopping for t-shirts for men on Reliance Trends.