This is a very nice article on your mandala process.
Rob Levin

Thanks Rob, I played with Paper 53 and while I do like some of its capabilities, it does not even come close to what can be achieved with Concepts (Layers, Vector, multitude of file export options, not to mention that the developers are constantly making improvements) As for drawing space…I only have an iPad mini (which means I am working within a roughly 4" x 6.5" space…..I make it work, since I am retired and just “play” with design, I really can’t justify the expense of an iPad Pro and Pencil (maybe one day) nor I do not have AI. I am new(ish) to drawing digitally and have found Concepts to be a perfect tool for me, I love having the feel of drawing directly on screen with the ability to correct any stroke I wish.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, happy creating!

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