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Twinspires Promo Code GATOR

Hi, I have great news and information for the FIRST AS ALWAYS TO GET THE BEST DERBY PROMOS AND $100 SIGN UP BONUS USE PROMO CODE GATOR. This year my choice for the Derby is OverAnalyze.

This horse won the Arkansas Derby off the pace, and made a fabulous run for the win, and paid nicely. Expect 6–1 or better odds, and fabulous large payouts with the Players Pool, where get this I haven’t checked this one out yet, but usually you can get a share of the pool for as little as $10 per share, and capped at $150,000.

NOW, the best way I have found to use some tools to help your handicapping is use the Twinspires Classic bar to wager, put up the tote boards for each track, have a pen and paper handy. Look at the races with the best odds under PROFIT LINE ODDS, and use that tab to organize them in order.

This gives you what the computerized handicapping system has assigned as the fair odds for each horse. Frankly, it works great sometimes, and others you really need to do something like a 4 EX BX or 4 TBX in order to actually have a chance. However please note all mentioning of wagering is for entertainment.