Why my computer is overheating, what should I do ?

Intro: what is computer overheating

Many people FREAK OUT when their computer suddenly shuts down because of overheating, the first step is to calm down and ask yourself what is the cause of the problem ?

The problem might be a common one e.g. dust build up, defective fan, thermal paste worn out, defective heatsink……

However, if you put your hand against the fans and it’s HOT or BURNING, it doesn’t mean it is overheating, it could be just the fans doing their job.

Identify the category of problem

The second step is to use Google to search for overheating symptoms, but only if you are not too familiar with the PC hardware topics.

Once you have a better understanding of PC overheating you will then be able to see what the common problems and solutions are as usually someone else has already encountered the same problem before.

Unfortunately, there will be times that you will get a RARE problem that you can’t find the solution to and this is the time where forums come in handy as the technical community is often very helpful with RARE problems. ALERT: If you didn’t do your research properly and the community sees the problems as common you might encounter NEGATIVITY on your post!!!

Oh no my problem is not solved!!!

OH, NO MY PC is still overheating what should I do ? First, think about any key evidence you might have missed which may have affected your diagnosis if it is still not solved then either the symptoms are not related to overheating or it is a result of software causing hardware failure such as a computer virus.

Tips: Think about any changes you have made to your hardware ? e.g. have you changed any components ? e.t.c. Other than hardware what software have you installed lately ? Did you change any PC settings ? Any website you have seemed dodgy ?

How should I prevent overheating???

For Intel CPU users you can buy a heatsink and attach dual fans to keep your CPU nice and cool, As the Intel fan itself has a very short lifetime.

CLEAN your PC INSIDE once a year or every 6 months, you will be shocked at the amount of dust on your fans and heatsink, the dust on your fans will slow down the spin time on your fans known as (RPM) and dust on your heatsink will reduce the amount of air flow.

Keep your PC in an open environment, as any human being we all need our personal space and for a computer they just need some space to breath in the cold air and get all the hot air out as much as possible, so treat your PC well then your PC gives you fewer complaints.

DON’T play with overclocking if you don’t have a high understanding as messing with these bios settings can often result in damaging your own hardware and cause overheating.

CHECK all your fans are functioning “The new fan I installed did no change” sometimes you might have plugged the power supply in the wrong section of your motherboard so just read your motherboard menu make sure everything is correct.

HANDS OFF any settings that you have no idea or have little knowledge/understanding as changing some settings in your PC will affect its performance which may have caused a DOMINO effect which could cause overheating.

Did it work ???

By now you should either solved your problem or be telling me that I have wasted your time, if you have solved the problem then congratulations you have made your very first step into the PC hardware world.

For the unfortunate maybe, it is time to seek professional help as your problem may be a VERY RARE case or it is not an overheating problem.