Augmented Reality App

This product started when being an avid Instagram user I started feeling that though the stories either have videos or still content there is not much to see in between these two and whenever. …


RealVol evolves the state of the art in medical imaging to new levels by enabling users to use both their eyes to perceive actual depth by viewing CT/MRI scans in full Virtual Reality. We use our own in-house renderer that optimises dual rendering for real-time volume rendering(VRT) for visualisation in VR. State of the art graphics hardware and VR headsets are used to provide un-hindererd experience and instant generation of 3 dimensional volumes. Our advanced algorithms directly convert 2D scan image set to editable 3D volumes for interactive visualisations within seconds.

My Role

My role currently is to lead UX…

Festive Season with Mouve

It’s never too late to spread some festive cheer!

There’s still some time to get ready and prepare all the posts and stories you might need. And with the help of mouve you can now spread joy to your loved ones and followers with mouve holiday templates that you can customise and share to any social media in a snap.

There are tons of reason why you should use mouve over paper cards this holiday season:

  • Saving the trees
  • More personal (use family photos in our templates)
  • Spreads the holiday cheer further, faster!

And for all the social media managers…

MenstruPal : Taking care of your menstrual health



Menstruation is a periodical vaginal bleeding that occurs with women under certain age. Generally, the menstrual blood contains tissues of endometrium, cervical mucus and other vaginal secretions. Commercial products such as sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual cups are used to absorb these fluids. Although these fluids contain clear markers for other conditions typically diagnosed from blood or tissue samples, these readily available specimens collected through sanitary products are disposed off. …

Making payment easier.

DCB Hackathon was organized by DCB bank for people to come up with new innovative ways of payment using DCB UPI API. It was a 24 hours hackathon. And our team started brainstorming over ideas so we started looking at what are the problems with current paying system.

So after the session we came up with the idea of using low energy BLE tags (beacons) for the payment. These tags can be set up in shops and the user just need to come in vicinity of it for making transactions.


We made a storyboard together to make…

Sell your scrap online.


Do you ever feel that you don’t want to bargain for your scrap and don’t want to wait for right street scrap dealers to come around. Recyclable waste has a huge business in India. Swapeco provides a platform that connects people who want to sell recyclable waste to the scrap dealers who buy recyclable waste.

Redesigning Swapeco

The original prototype was made by the founder with the help of developer to showcase their idea to an incubation center. After their idea got accepted they soon wanted to redesign the application in a user centered approach.

Mobile Application to motivate interaction among students.

HiMate! is an android application designed for M.Tech students of IIIT Delhi to interact instantly by finding students in your immediate vicinity and let you share the courses you have done and your interests for further collaborations.


Twishi Sagwal

User Experience Designer, Researcher.

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