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RealVol evolves the state of the art in medical imaging to new levels by enabling users to use both their eyes to perceive actual depth by viewing CT/MRI scans in full Virtual Reality. We use our own in-house renderer that optimises dual rendering for real-time volume rendering(VRT) for visualisation in VR. State of the art graphics hardware and VR headsets are used to provide un-hindererd experience and instant generation of 3 dimensional volumes. Our advanced algorithms directly convert 2D scan image set to editable 3D volumes for interactive visualisations within seconds.

My role currently is to lead UX research strategy

Problem Statement

This is an ongoing project as we have the technology but still finding better use cases for it . We have started talking to doctors mainly radiologosts and dentists.

For better and less time consuming conversations we have also started structuring our questions more properly

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User Experience Designer, Researcher.

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