Smartvity ( DCB Hackathon )

Making payment easier.

DCB Hackathon was organized by DCB bank for people to come up with new innovative ways of payment using DCB UPI API. It was a 24 hours hackathon. And our team started brainstorming over ideas so we started looking at what are the problems with current paying system.

So after the session we came up with the idea of using low energy BLE tags (beacons) for the payment. These tags can be set up in shops and the user just need to come in vicinity of it for making transactions.


We made a storyboard together to make the use case completely clear across the team.

Transaction at shop using smartvity app


As we didn’t have much time left we quickly made a prototype to get feedback from the mentors. We made a clickable prototype using We also created a video as there were many teams and the mentors didn’t have much time to interact with the prototypes created by all the teams.

Smartvity App clickable prototype

After we got feedback from the prototype we started working on development and UI of the app.

User Interface

Smartvity Application User Interface
Application interaction with BLE Tag

We presented the whole concept in the front of jury in the morning and by evening we had the results and our team came first in the student category.

Small victory