While we drink water to quench our thirst, we always reach out for that carbonated juice in the refrigerator. There isn’t any reason of not considering carbonated juice as a healthful alternative. Carbonated juice is a good way to stay hydrated, besides improving indigestion and constipation at the same time.
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Keeps Hydrated

Juices are full of nutrients that have beneficial effects on our body and its functioning. The intake of juice each day depends on your age, gender, activity, weather and health conditions. Drinking carbonated juice helps in meet your daily fluid intake to stay hydrated.

Improves Indigestion

Is your stomach upset for any reason? Or that cocktail might have seen you over eating! Whatever be the reason for that uneasy feeling, all you need is a glass of carbonated juice. It might be a savior from indigestion, also known as dyspepsia. You can blindly bank on carbonate juice in case you feel symptoms occurring in the upper abdominal area and feel nauseatic, vomiting, suffocating etc. The fizz in the juice acts real quick thereby causing instant relief.
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Prevents Constipation

If you are struggling real hard and feeling too stressed for that miserable constipation, some carbonated juice may help. While you may be prescribed to take enough fibre in your diet, fluids, such as carbonated drinks, help faster digestion of the fibre. This in turn smoothens and clears bowels.

Fills Stomach

The fizzy bubbles in carbonated juice make for refreshing drinks. Not only this, a glass of carbonated drink fills the space in your stomach, making you feel really full. This in turn may keep you away from random unplanned bites. A research as published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, says that drinking carbonated juice on empty stomach is way more filling than drinking any other regular fluid.

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Twiss Drinks brings to your delight some exciting flavours of carbonated juice. These are not only refreshing for the summer months, but also offer immense benefits. Fill your grocery shopping bag right away with carbonated juice from Twiss Drinks. The brand ensures a unique drinking experience.

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