Tech Bullshit, a Friend of Many.

Bullshit is when you invite people for a technical tech event and all you do is talk.

Bullshit is when you hire someone in a tech company just because she’s a “woman in tech”.

Bullshit is when you hype a gossip blog owner as “one of the most disruptive women in tech in Africa”.

Bullshit is when you spend your entire money on a laptop you don’t need, just because “dude, it’s a mac!”.

Bullshit is when you’re shouting about how you’re impacting tech and all you do is basically post photos around and “blow grammar”.

Bullshit is when you hold an hackathon and you pronounce a team that didn’t build shit winners because they had awesome slides and “business plan”

Bullshit is when you have a Software Engineer title in a company and you can’t implement bubble sort algorithm.

Bullshit is when you think you have to be in Lagos to build awesome stuff in Nigeria.

Bullshit is when you think more programming languages == better programmer.

Bullshit is having 100+ repositories on GitHub with mostly README.md as the only file in each.

Bullshit is when you make commits to GitHub with only space and comment changes everyday.

Bullshits are Numerous.

Bullshit’s main home in Nigeria is Lagos.

Bullshit is the friend of many.

Bullshit and i can’t relate.

Bullshit is Bullshit.

Note : As Written Directly From My Brain, This is totally how i see whatever i just wrote up there at the time of post or last edit, and is totally my opinion.
-Tosin Omotoyinbo.