Part-1 Almighty

What if my dear earth, I release you of your agony

What if I undermine all the life there is on your face.

By a monstrous blaze

Or by the devilish waters

Which will erode civilizations like bland soil.

Or should I be subtle in my methods ,

And make them wither away in oblivion ,

Without their slightest realisation,

Make the entire populace vanish

Like the tricks these mortals do with the hat and the rabbit.

About time they get a taste of their own deceits.

Part -2

Mother Earth

O the conjurer of universes !!

O the string bearer of the planets and the oceans !!

O the repository of all the energy there is !!

Pardon the temerity of this naive creation to disagree,

My inhabitants are also my tormenters,

Who is aware more than thee.

But what progeny has never tormented the mother,

I have seen them rise and fall

I have seen them progress

I have celebrated with them in their triumphs

I have wailed with them in their resentments

They are a part of me now like I am of them .

And pardon me again but I would never wish for them to wither

For they are my children and I am their mother .