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Building Oyku ( Family-Android-Startups-Serverless-Badminton-Cycling are my interests.

(I am not going into the level of How to steps for ProGuard. Instead I am jumping directly to talk about some interesting facts that I have learned about ProGuard throughout my experience. So, I assume, most of you know — How to steps about ProGuard in Android).

ProGuard Facts:

  • Helps to remove unused classes, members & fields. It removes unused codes from your libraries as well. (Which means, any method or field that is not referenced anywhere will be removed by ProGuard Shrinker).
  • Helps to reduce the build size by obfuscating the classes, methods, & fields with short names.

Note: Which…

Learning to develop Android applications is fun and challenging at the same time. With the help of online learning, we can make it look like a cake walk. Especially when Google is committed to helping out the developers community. Below is the list of ways that Google and Google engineers are helping out Android developers to Mastering Android development.

Sometimes I felt the contents repeat in multiple places like vlogs and blogs. I guess Google Android Team is trying to make sure the content reaches to the developers whatever their preferred source of learning is.

  1. YouTube Videos Google developers youtube…

Code2Lead by Udacity

Learning is a never ending process

Especially in the field of computer science and technology, it is very important to stay top with trending skill set. As the need for learning and updating the skills/knowledge increases, the same way opportunities to update the skills also getting increased.

This blog post is about how Udacity courses helped me to up-skill, get recognized and increase my confidence. I do follow many other sources to keep my skills updated, But this blog post is only about Udacity courses that played a big role in my upskilling process.

I have been developing Android applications…

App bars contains four main aspects, that plays huge role in scrolling behavior. They are,

  • Status Bar
  • Toolbar
  • Tab bar/Search bar
  • Flexible space

AppBar scrolling behavior enriches the way contents in a page presented.

I am going to share my experience about how easily we can understand and use the elevation in scrolling, sizing the flexible spaces, how to anchor specific elements.

App Bar has following scrolling options,

  1. Standard App bar scrolling with only Toolbar
  2. App bar scrolling with tabs
  3. App bar scrolling with Flexible space
  4. App bar scrolling with image in Flexible space
  5. App bar scrolling with overlapping content…

An effort reducing effort in Android OS for the users.

Android 7.1 release includes many interesting updates. App Shortcuts is one of them.

What is App Shortcuts: App Shortcuts is a list which will be shown on top of the launcher icon while it is long pressed. App Shortcuts allows the user to land a page directly in the app by long pressing and selecting through launcher icon. The only option we had to launch the MAIN activity by clicking on app icon has become more luxury to hold 5 more options to decide.In …

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